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Lisa Nandy blasts Corbyn for taking voters for fools ‘can’t just nationalise everything!’

LISA Nandy hit out at the current Labour leadership team telling BBC Newsnight voters saw right through big-spending election promises.

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy said last night the party hasn’t learnt its lessons from the last general election and made promises to the public they simply couldn’t keep. The last general election saw Jeremy Corbyn suffer a huge defeat losing a number of seats to the Conservatives.

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy tore into her own party, pulling apart Labour key election policies including nationalisation of public services and slashing tuition fees.

The BBC Newsnight host asked: “Have you learnt your lessons from the past election?”

To which the Wigan MP responded: “I don’t think we have because one of the things that we did in the last election was we made promises that we simply couldn’t keep.

“The lesson from the last election and the ones before that is people are smarter than we think.

“We cannot carry on going around as a party making promises to nationalise everything or slash tuition fees.”

Ms Nandy even admitted the party “haven’t got a clue how we would do it and how we would pay for it”.

Her comments received a mixed response from viewers. 

“Absolute trash from the Continuity 2010 candidate.” said one user.

But another added: “By Jove, she’s got it – all the clever people didn’t vote Labour!”

“If this country is to succeed and prosper, @UKLabour must remain in opposition permanently.” added another user.

Some viewers went on to express their exasperation at the lack of strong leadership candidates following the debate.


Another user added: “OMG!! what a shower of s**t @UKLabour you can not be serious!! is this the best you can come up with!!”

“God help Labour if these four candidates are the best they can offer, I can’t ever see them taking power again RIP labour and the hard left” added one user.

It comes as former Labour candidate Jess Phillips said the candidates will have a “difficult job” going up against “bombast” Boris Johnson.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, she told host Emma Barnett that all her colleagues still left in the race will have a hard time going up against Boris Johnson.

The Labour MP admitted the Prime Minister has a “bombastic” approach to politics which centrist Labour politicians lack.

However, she did make the controversial argument that Lisa Nandy might have what it takes.

She said: “I think Lisa Nandy has the best chances of doing that, I think she is different.”

She even told listeners she thinks Boris Johnson would find her “a harder opponent.”

She added: “But I think any of the candidates are going to have a difficult job up against the bombast of Boris Johnson.

“I think we’re going to have to dig deep and be bombastic.”

She added: “Boris Johnson says and does exactly what he wants.

“So I think that we have to be really careful. The trouble with the Labour Party competition as it is, is that it demands of you and this is no criticism of the people in it.”

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