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Line of Duty creator reveals Neil Morrissey’s character saying crude swear word was axed from show

LINE of Duty’s creator Jed Mercurio revealed he was forced to cut a scene in which Neil Morrissey’s character said a crude swear word.

The “pre-Covid moment” came when Detective Constable Nigel Morton, played by Morrissey, spat at Kate Fleming, played by Vicky McClure.

Mercurio wrote: “Never a more pre-Covid moment than in Line of Duty S1 Ep 5!”

According to Mercurio, “After the spit, Neil Morrissey’s character called Kate Fleming a word so rude we needed permission from a BBC executive.

“After weeks without ever getting a reply, we had no choice but to cut it from the final version.”

What the word was still remains a mystery but many fans replied to Mercurio’s tweet with their own suggestions.

One fan of the show wrote, “I heard it rhymes with Hunt? couldn’t imagine it at all. Think the spit summed up his feelings perfectly. Was the swear word Ad-libbed by Neil?”

“Shame! Love a good BBC C-bomb shocker!,” added another.

And a third gushed: “Rewatching all the series with my husband who has never seen them. I’m loving it all over again. Casting is superb. Can’t wait for the new series to come out.”

The BBC’s Line of Duty about the anti-corruption unit of the police force has gained a whole new legion of fans since it started being repeated on telly again.

Last week LOD’s Martin Compston teased “massive bombshells” ahead for season six as they endeavour to unmask notorious H.

Filming for the new series was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and the actor teased what could happen when it returns.

The star appeared on BBC One’s The One Show to talk about the popular drama and insisted the scripts are amazing.

When asked about whether there was a rumoured massive bombshell at the end of episode four, Martin, 36, teased: “Well there’s a few before that as well…

“But just because I don’t have script five, there’s a big, big question at the end of [episode] four.”

As fans patiently wait for the new batch of episodes, BBC have opted to air some Line Of Duty re-runs, which Martin admitted he has not watched.

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