Lindsay Hoyle is under enormous pressure to overhaul the Commons: outrage over ‘outdated’ legislation erupts.


Lindsay Hoyle is under enormous pressure to overhaul the Commons: outrage over ‘outdated’ legislation erupts.

HOUSE OF COMMONS SPEAKER Lindsay Hoyle is under intense pressure to modify the House of Commons rules, as outrage over a “outdated law” grows.

The rule prohibiting MPs from bringing children into the Chamber was criticized after MP Stella Creasy attended a discussion in Westminster Hall with her three-month-old infant, whom she is presently breastfeeding. She received an email from the Deputy Speaker’s Office shortly after, telling her that she had broken the regulations.

Ms Creasy was enraged by the letter, claiming that “mothers…are not to be seen or heard” in the House of Commons.

She also pointed out that wearing a mask in the House of Commons is still optional.

The letter was tweeted by the Labour MP for Walthamstow, who said: “Parliament, it appears, has enacted a rule prohibiting me from bringing my well-behaved, sleeping 3-month-old infant into the chamber while I speak. (By the way, there’s still no restriction against wearing masks.)

“It appears that mothers in the mother of all parliaments aren’t seen or heard…. (hashtag)21stCenturyCalling.”

She questioned the regulations to Sky News, claiming that she had previously taken her two children inside the Chamber.

She stated, ” “It’s a mystery to me because I have two children and have previously taken both of them into the Chamber to ensure that my constituents are represented.

“I believe it exemplifies how a mother can’t win because if I had maternity cover, it would be a different matter, but I don’t, and I don’t want to short-change my residents.”

Fellow MPs have backed Ms Creasy, placing pressure on Speaker Lindsay Hoyle to amend or clarify the rules.

After receiving assurances from Sir Lindsay that she could breastfeed in the Chamber, Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones called the regulation as a “complete contradiction.”

Meanwhile, Caroline Lucas, a Green Party MP, called the rule “absurd” and said it “certainly needs to be challenged.”

“Babies are significantly less disruptive than many braying backbenchers,” she continued.

Pip Creasy, Ms Creasy’s kid, was peaceful and well behaved, prompting former Tory minister Paul Maynard to “congratulate” him on falling asleep.

During the discussion, he stated the following: “I applaud Pip for making the wise decision to doze off during his mother’s statement.

“As we can all see, he had a wonderful lengthy sleep, which was probably. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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