Lindsay Hoyle is enraged – here’s what he could do to punish MPs….


Lindsay Hoyle is enraged, and he’s considering what he can do to punish MPs….

SIR LINDSAY HOYLE has been quick to express his displeasure when announcements make the news before they are made in Parliament, but what can the Speaker of the House do to punish MPs for this?

In the midst of the ongoing sleaze row at Westminster, House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle will try to save Parliament’s “integrity” today.

After the Owen Paterson scandal, he is expected to propose a review of the Commons’ standards process.

A review could result in a slew of penalties for MPs, including massive pay cuts.

MPs will take part in an emergency debate on MPs’ standards this afternoon (Monday, November 8).

The emergency meeting follows the government’s divisive intervention last week in Owen Paterson’s recommended suspension.

Last Wednesday, MPs voted 250 to 232 to avoid the former Tory minister’s 30-day suspension.

MPs in the Commons, however, reacted angrily to the vote’s outcome, yelling “shame.”

Sir Lindsay is expected to speak out today, according to reports, and may propose his own review of MPs’ standards rules.

Outraged MPs forced the government to make a U-turn, calling the move “corrupt” and “biased.”

The House of Commons Leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg, announced that a new vote on Mr Paterson’s suspension would take place on Thursday, just one day after the results of the previous vote were revealed.

However, Mr Paterson resigned before the Commons vote, citing a desire to leave “the cruel world of politics.”

The Speaker’s review is expected to look into how MPs can earn tens of thousands of dollars from outside sources.

Conservative MPs are expected to outline their key demands for those who break the rules, including the right to appeal to a judge, in exchange.

According to The Telegraph, sources close to Sir Lindsay claim that he is unlikely to personally intervene in the standards system today.

Instead, he is expected to wait for the current standards committee, which is chaired by Labour MP Chris Bryant, to complete its review before entering the fray.

The Speaker may return with recommendations in collaboration with the committee, but these results may not be available today.

Sir Lindsay may also impose a restriction on MPs’ ability to work as consultants.

The decision would be made in the midst of the Owen Paterson scandal.

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