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Linda Nolan says she and sister Anne are terrified cancer will kill them in heartbreaking BBC Breakfast interview

LINDA Nolan has said she’s “scared to death” of her liver cancer in a heartbreaking appearance on BBC Breakfast.

The 61-year-old singer, who has been undergoing treatment for the disease alongside her sister Anne, told viewers: “We don’t want to die.”

She said: “I’ve got certain side effects from the chemo. I’ve got pins and needles in my fingers and my toes.

“But it hasn’t been too bad. I think for me personally I was traumatised losing my hair.

“At the time you feel like you’re being a little bit vain but I think everybody takes it differently.

“For a woman losing your hair is a really traumatic thing. We’re not supposed to be going around bald.

She added: “Anne has really had it tough because her body isn’t handling the chemo so well.

“But we’re getting there, you know. She’s got Maureen, our sister, to look after her. And I moved into my sister Denise’s house so she could look after me.

“It’s difficult, we’re all devastated. We’re both scared to death because we don’t want to die.

“But we’re doing the best we can and reiterating to everyone to go to hospital and get sorted. Because you will eventually have to get sorted and it might be too late.”

Linda and Anne received cancer diagnoses with days of each other in March, soon after returning home from filming The Nolans Go Cruising, with their bandmate sisters Coleen and Maureen.

Speaking to The Sun earlier this month, Linda said: “We laughed and we cried really. It’s hysterical.

“Forget the Chemical Brothers, we’ve become the Chemo Sisters.”

Both have vowed to beat their cancer, a disease they have both had to confront before and that tragically killed their sister Bernie in 2013.

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