‘Life is now in jeopardy!’ Anti-vaccine activists are’mobilizing’ all over the world to combat Covid.


‘Life is now in jeopardy!’ Anti-vaccine activists are’mobilizing’ all over the world to combat Covid.

Anti-vaccination activists have started “mobilizing” online, threatening to derail global immunization efforts with their conspiracy theories.

Anti-vaxx groups are on the rise around the world, according to the founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, and the threat is primarily based on conspiracy theories. Imran Ahmed spoke to the BBC on the dangers of anti-vaxx efforts on the internet, which could have devastating consequences for people’s mental health. Mr. Ahmed defined conspiracism, noting that it is comprised of “epistemic worries” and people’s unquenchable desire for knowledge.

Since its outbreak in 2019, COVID-19 has claimed millions of lives around the world, but despite clear evidence that the virus exists and that death tolls are rising rapidly, phenomena such as suspicions about what is really going on and conspiracy theories persist, with millions of people refusing to be vaccinated as a result.

Mr Ahmed told the BBC about the dangers of the surge in conspiracy theories, saying: “It’s an old adage for dealing with cults, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. It’s quite tough to use facts to oppose falsehoods.

“And while that isn’t a pleasant concept for most of us to consider, the reality is that they are genuine identity groups.

“They attain that level of salience in people’s identities that makes them believe these conspiracies, that makes them feel like they’re part of a community that has seen the light.” They’ve clearly entered a new phase.

“They not only believe extremist beliefs, but they also claim they must take action to combat them.” And this is a really dangerous period; there is now a considerable risk of death, particularly for public health workers.” He went on to say: “I believe it is the result of the anti-vaxx movements’ growth in size and scope around the world during the pandemic, fueled in part by our collective anxiety.

“Conspiracism is fueled by what are known as epistemic anxiety, or a strong want to know the truth.

“And, of course, with a new passage and a new sickness producing a pandemic that is killing millions of people, people’s anxiety levels are slightly up.

READ MORE”However, the conspiracy theory that motivates anti-vaxx sentiment has gained traction, and we are now witnessing convergence with other forces.”

“We’re seeing convergence. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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