Life after death: In the vast beyond, man was welcomed by absolute nothingness – afterlife claim


Life after death: In the vast beyond, man was welcomed by absolute nothingness – afterlife claim

A MAN who died for a short time has revealed the pure nothingness he believes he felt in the afterlife in a disturbing account of what may await us in the hereafter.

‘Do you believe there is life after death? ‘ is a question that has plagued humans for centuries. One man now believes he knows the answer, but his visions of a magnificent heaven filled with clouds and loved ones have been destroyed. According to one man’s experience, the afterlife is a void of pure nothingness with blackness visible for as far as the eye can see.

Following a heroin overdose, a man named Liam was momentarily sent to the infernal realm.

Liam reported on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation that he floated in the vacuum, fearing he would be trapped there for eternity.

“I found myself in a very dark, cosmic space,” he explained. I was standing in the middle of nowhere in space. I was completely engulfed in darkness.

“I could stare into the darkness indefinitely, but I can’t put it into words.

“It wasn’t hot or chilly. There were no warmth sensations in my body. I was awake and without a body.

“I had a complete understanding of myself that had nothing to do with my earthly sense. I’d never been so aware of my own existence before.

“Questions about where I was and how I ended up here occurred. I realized that I was capable of answering any question.

“I possessed a universal awareness and wisdom. My thoughts had never been so clear. There are no words on the planet that can adequately describe possessing absolute knowledge.

“I realized I was all alone in this vast, dark space. I felt lonely, but not in the same way that I felt lonely on Earth.

“Everything seemed like absolute desertion, which made it a thousand times worse. Panic crept in as I realized I was alone in the black ‘outer space,’ with no stars and no one or anything nearby.”

Liam awoke at the hospital, where he had been saved by paramedics.

Researchers, on the other hand, are skeptical that Liam’s encounter is proof of the afterlife.

Near-death experience visuals, according to neuroscientist Christof Koch, president and chief scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, are often indicators that the brain is running out of oxygen or scanning itself for survival. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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