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Lewis Burton, 28, engages in tense chat with new girlfriend Lottie Tomlinson, 22,

Lewis Burton and Lottie Tomlinson were pictured engaging in a tense conversation on Monday after Caroline Flack’s mother Christine scrutinised their relationship. 

The new couple were seen outside a beach club in Ibiza where Lottie, 22, appeared very animated and looked visibly annoyed.

Lewis, 28, appeared to be trying to appease his new girlfriend as he reached out an arm and pulled her in for a hug.  

Adding to their woes, the pair were seen attempting to head back to their hotel in a beach buggy, but were forced to hail a taxi after the vehicle stopped moving. 

The pair’s outing comes just hours after it emerged that Caroline Flack’s mother Christine had been making disparaging remarks about Lewis online. 

Lewis was dating Caroline when the Love Island host took her own life in February while she awaited trial for assaulting him.  

In a slew of comments posted under pictures of Lewis on Instagram, Christine claimed her daughter’s relationship with Lewis ‘did end her life’.

In comments posted three weeks ago – shortly after Lewis and new girlfriend Lottie were reported to have ‘grown close’ – Christine wrote on a November 2019 photo of Caroline and Lewis: ‘he is now in the same pose different girl’. 

Christine’s handle is @ccjep – her Instagram is private, she has no profile picture – nor has she posted any pictures, meaning her comments have previously gone under the radar. 

The grieving mother previously commented under a post on Caroline’s Instagram account of her and Lewis sunbathing together in August 2019. 

Despite the photo being uploaded in summer last year, Christine posted comments under the post nearly five months ago,

She wrote: ‘This relationship did end her life.’ She then added: ‘Want this deleted so much.’ 

During Caroline’s inquest, which concluded this month, Christine said a photo Lewis had ‘sent to a friend’ of the bloody crime scene, which emerged in media coverage of the case, had ‘killed her.’  

Christine said during live evidence that she had been told by her daughter that Lewis had sent the picture to one of his former girlfriends.

Christine said: ‘Lewis sent the photo of the blood and sent it to his friend. That killed her.’ 

In another snap on Caroline’s Instagram account of her and Lewis at Winter Wonderland last year, taken just weeks before her tragic death, Christine left further disparaging remarks.   

The snap shows the then couple smiling happily at the Christmas fair.  

Christine posted comments under the post just three weeks ago, writing: ‘He is now in the same pose different girl.’

Another follower commented: ‘He’s got a new gal and she’s dead. I honestly blame his womanising ways, poor Caroline.’

Christine replied: ‘I agree.’ She also wrote elsewhere in the comments section: ‘I feel the same this photo is a lie.’ 

Although the couple initially denied they were dating, they have been seen putting on a very affectionate display abroad after they touched down in the Balearic island via private last week.  

Lottie and Lewis are said to have bonded over the grief of losing their respective loved ones.

She sadly lost her mother and sister in recent years and Lewis lost Caroline in February.

Lottie’s sister Félicité, 18, died after an accidental drug overdose, three years after the death of her mother Johannah, who died of cancer. 

It’s understood Lottie became better acquainted with Lewis at a house party in May hosted by Caroline’s close friend Lou Teasdale, 36, which was held to mark three months since her tragic passing.

In late July, a source exclusively told MailOnline: ‘Lewis and Lottie have grown close after spending time together at a party at Lou’s house.

‘They have been meeting up in secret for weeks but their newfound friendship hasn’t gone unnoticed by mutual pals.

‘Not all of Caroline’s friends are happy with how the situation appears to be developing but can understand that both Lottie and Lewis have been there for each other as a shoulder to cry on.’

It comes after Caroline’s tearful mother blasted the Crown Prosecution Service for pursuing a ‘show trial’ of her daughter as her inquest revealed police pushed for the Love Island presenter to be prosecuted. 

Caroline, well known for hosting Love Island and The X Factor, was found hanged at her home.

She had been due to stand trial for assaulting her boyfriend, former tennis player and model Lewis, after police arrived at the bloodstained scene described it looking like ‘a horror movie’.

Christine gave a written statement to the court in which she claimed her daughter had been ‘let down’ by the authorities.

‘I believe Caroline was seriously let down by the authorities and in particular the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) for pursuing the case,’ she said.

‘I believe this was a show trial. I feel the prosecutor was unkind to Caroline and my family. I was threatened with arrest when I tried to speak.’ 

Flack’s mother could be seen weeping on video link as her statement was read by Coroner Mary Hassell at Poplar Coroner’s Court in east London.   

Christine, also blasted a senior Met Police officer for appealing against the CPS’s decision to give her daughter a caution after her arrest despite officers finding her at the crime scene with an injury caused by self-harm.

Accusing Detective Inspector Lauren Bateman of treating her more harshly due to her celebrity status, Mrs Flack told the inquest: ‘She (Caroline) cut her arm (to cause serious injury to herself)… and you were putting an appeal in to get her prosecuted, you never bothered to see her.

‘If it had been… an ordinary person, you wouldn’t have prosecuted. I see domestic abuse and I just think you should be disgusted with yourself so there is nothing we can do to bring Caroline back. I hope in hindsight you do regret this. This girl killed herself because you put an appeal through.’

The ‘appeal’ referenced an initial decision by prosecutors to issue Flack with a caution, before DI Bateman, the senior Met officer in charge when the celebrity was taken into custody, applied for a formal charge instead. The final decision would have been made by a senior lawyer.

Prior to Mrs Flack’s intervention DI Bateman had denied treating the presenter more harshly because she was famous and insisted she ‘wouldn’t do anything differently’ if confronted with the case again today. She said a caution was not appropriate because Flack did not admit her guilt in a police interview.

Flack strongly denied assaulting Mr Burton, and had pleaded not guilty to assault by beating at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on December 23.

Her sister, Jody, said she tried to take her own life before the first court appearance, and then a further two times before she hanged herself at her London flat.  

The inquest heard from several witnesses, including friends, family and medical professionals, who attested to Flack’s troubled state of mind in the months leading up to her death.

Flack’s sister, Jody, said she believed the presenter tried to kill herself in December, ahead of her first appearance at the magistrates court for assault.

She said Flack was ‘in a very anxious state of mind’ before her death and said an ambulance had been called for her four times previously.

‘Heartbreak is something Caroline found extremely difficult,’ Jody said. ‘She attempted to take her own life the night before she appeared in court. I believe the shame … was too much to deal with.’

Brian Wells, a doctor called to Flack’s hotel room the night before her court appearance, said the presenter was inebriated and had apparently ‘taken a small overdose’. However, she was not suicidal, nor did she need hospital treatment, the court was told.  

The inquest went into detail about her poor mental health in the months leading up to her death, including evidence at the crime scene that she had self-harmed. 

During the inquest, the photograph of a bloody crime scene which emerged  in media coverage of Flack’s case, was discussed. 

Christine said during live evidence that she had been told by her daughter that Lewis had sent the picture to one of his former girlfriends. It subsequently ended up published by some parts of the press. 

Caroline’s friend Mollie Grosberg replied: ‘As far as I know, this is the God’s honest truth, she never mentioned a word to me that he had sold or given the photo to an ex-girlfriend. That was never mentioned to me.’

Flack’s mother replied: ‘She said it to me and it was devastating that she found out.’  

Lisa Ramsarran, a deputy chief Crown prosecutor in north London, said the CPS had considered her mental health while deciding whether to authorise a charge against her but decided the risk was ‘low’. 

During the inquest a coroner ruled that Caroline killed herself after hearing she would definitely be prosecuted for assaulting her boyfriend.

Caroline was found dead a day after hearing the Crown Prosecution Service would go ahead with a trial for allegedly attacking her boyfriend. 

Coroner Mary Hassell gave a verdict of suicide, saying: ‘I am entirely satisfied she intended to cause her own death. She hanged herself.

‘I find the reason for her taking her life was she now knew she was being prosecuted for certainty, and she knew she would face the media, press, publicity – it would all come down upon her. To me, that’s it in essence.’  

Caroline Flack wrote a tearful final message hoping that she and her boyfriend would ‘find harmony’, her inquest heard.

On a coffee table a paramedic saw a note that read: ‘I hope me and Lewis can one day find harmony’.

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