Leukemia is a vitamin deficiency that can cause symptoms similar to those of blood cancer.


Vitamin deficiency that mimics the symptoms of blood cancer is known as leukaemia.

Some types of leukaemia have symptoms that overlap with vitamin B12 deficiency, making it difficult to detect the cancer.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is a type of bone marrow cancer.

It causes a large number of abnormal blood cells to be produced.

Vitamin B12 deficiency has a similar effect on the bone marrow, resulting in the same symptoms.

When there’s a chance one of these could be wrong, it’s best to see a doctor who can thoroughly examine you.

“A lack of vitamin B12 in the body can cause troubling changes in your bone marrow,” explained shopgiejo.com GP Charlotte Cremers.

“Deep alterations in the bone marrow are common symptoms of acute leukemia.”

“The symptoms are similar to those of vitamin B12 deficiency, and they can easily be confused.”

In some cases, one ailment can exacerbate the other.

“Vitamin B12 deficiency raises folate levels in the body, masking acute leukaemia symptoms and worsening the condition,” Dr. Cremers explained.

Vitamin B9, also known as folate, is required for the formation of red and white blood cells in the bone marrow.

“Seek medical help right away if you have any Vitamin B12 or acute leukemia symptoms to avoid serious complications.”

The abnormalities in the blood cells produced by the bone marrow cause several of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

This can include producing the wrong proportion of red or white blood cells, as well as abnormally large red blood cells.

As your red blood cells become less capable of carrying oxygen, you will experience shortness of breath and fatigue.

Changes in platelet count, another bone marrow product, can cause more frequent bruising or make it more difficult to stop bleeding after an injury.

A patient with acute myeloid leukemia was the subject of one case study published by Baylor University Medical Center.

The patient was treated for cancer, but it was discovered that he also had a vitamin B12 deficiency.

By compounding the cancer symptoms, this was making them worse.

When the vitamin deficiency was treated, some of the symptoms became less severe.

Vitamin B12 can be found in a variety of animal products.

According to the NHS, vitamin B12 can be found in fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

Some breakfast cereals, for example, are fortified with vitamin B12.

Yeast extracts and B12-fortified soy milk are two vegetarian and vegan sources.


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