Letters: Scots are definitely not going to forget the billions the British Treasury has showered them with


Despite its failure to conduct the decennial census scheduled for 20211, NICOLA Sturgeon is determined to hold the election in May (“Call to axe political campaigning,” The , Jan. 6). There is no question that she is willing to strengthen the present status of her party by establishing a minority government. And if she gets her way, she’s going to agitate for a vote that she really doesn’t like, but that her supporters have promised.

Would the Scots really help a leader whose aim is to cause far more trouble than Brexit, at a time when we haven’t even started recovering from the Covid crisis? Would the billions of pounds showered on them by the UK Treasury and the fact that Scotland has not developed its own vaccine be so quickly forgotten?

We depend on Oxford, England, and overseas vaccines. There is nothing about leaving the UK in Scotland that will help it rebound from Covid or strengthen the desperate economic condition we are going to see in this year and in the years to come. Scottish independence, on the contrary, will add countless issues to the burdens we are already going to have to bear. There is no point in believing the high-heaven claims of the SNP, and no point in believing that “it couldn’t get any worse” as some people claim. Oh yeah, it could – even if Scotland wanted to do it alone, beyond the United Kingdom and the EU. And that’s what will happen, exactly.

Edinburgh EH14, Jill Stephenson.

Holyrood Voting Must Be Uploaded

The new corona virus strain has even more consequences for people’s free movement, sociability, and holding companies open. It’s going to be a while before some sort of normalcy returns to the UK – and around the world.

Any thought of holding the Holyrood Parliament elections should be delayed until further notice. Even to contemplate such an occurrence in May, as expected, would be completely reckless for politicians. Since it is up to Chairman Ken McIntosh to determine whether or not to hold elections, especially in the current pandemic-related circumstances, it should be made clear that the May election will be postponed until further notice.

Robert I. G. Scott, Fife, Ceres.


The letter from SIR Tom Hunter (January 5) demands a reply from at least one resident of Gartocharn.

He criticizes the “loud voices” that object to the Hunter Global Leadership Centre at Ross Priory’s “world-class” creation, but his grandiose statements are as ambiguous and doubtful as they are grandiloquent.

Another leadership center is, of course, what the management world really needs now, and when you leave this earthly domain, it would also be good to leave a gloriously placed shrine to yourself. These grimacing and omnipresent institutions and courses are now flourishing like knotweed, the MBA culture’s darlings we all suffer from. In these troubling times of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, we are entitled to question why leadership is so badly missing.

The construction of Sir Tom is yet another attack on Loch Lomond’s sanctity and climate, which is currently under threat from other Tarbet and Balloch wedge-driving ventures. In the latter village, fifty-five thousand noisy voices protested the Flamingo Land scheme, the biggest protest of its kind ever, yet in Sir Tom’s executive world of polished glass boxes on a truly prime coastline, the desires of common citizens seem to mean little. Did I note that the site also features a fancy nine-hole golf course?

The numerous claimed environmental studies are also certainly world class, but the Scottish government has correctly retracted the project, as it was passed without a proper environmental impact assessment by the National Park Authority. Our National Park acts more like a development agency than a guardian of our environment, an important part of which is natural beauty.

Much of Sit Tom claims that adequate consultation was at the root of this plan. This is nonsense, because I was ignorant of it, like many locals, until it was a fait accompli, rubber-stamped by the National Park Planning Board with undue haste, and never brought to the community’s attention properly. In cases like these, what consultation actually implies is an important question, d


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