Letters: For the sake of the young, we must not let the old wither away.


GAVIN Tait (Letters, Jan. 6) notes that the shame of Nicola Sturgeon over deaths in nursing homes has contributed to the prioritization of vaccinating residents there, depriving young people of sufficient schooling, affecting their overall chances of living and future achievements of 30 to 40 years of active life. Mr. Tait then appears to say that our young people’s education is more important to their elders than another five to 10 years of life – a kind of non-sequitur and straight out of Huxley’s book of thought.

It will take innovative and radical thinking to educate our young people in secondary education during the pandemic, both in the short and long term, especially because employment could very well be in short supply during the recovery era. If the right services are provided, there is no justification why a formal extension of a year or two should not be granted to those leaving high school to resume their lost education and take their examinations in secondary schools. This will entail a strategic organization spanning all fields of education, and I think this would be a better option than allowing our elderly people to wither away in whom I have a personal interest.

It is clear that Nicola Sturgeon or her daily media updates for which there is an off switch as an instant solution are not of interest to Mr Tait. Many of those who live alone rely on it and look forward to up-to-date knowledge provided with a consistency not available elsewhere, and may be vulnerable and unable to get out of the house. It is beyond defining hyperbole to characterize the general NHS as effectively destroyed and the Scottish government as “caught in a whirlpool of failure of its own making”

Blanefield, Alan M. Morris.

Can we learn from kids?

GAVIN Tait supports vaccinating teachers who are fearful of infecting children “even though the risk is very low.” He advocates what seems to be agreed unanimously and unquestionably, that children have a low risk of contracting and transmitting the virus for whatever purpose. If that is the case, then do children have innate immunity that probably wanes as they grow up, that should be studied, established, isolated, and passed on to adults, as an alternative or in addition to vaccination?

Dunlop, Alan Fitzpatrick.


Possibly the most important and significant public health measure in recent history is the Covid vaccination program. Notwithstanding the statements made by Nicola Sturgeon or Jeane Freeman, in the last 72 hours, I have heard or read at least six separate iterations of their planned Covid vaccination timeline in terms of who should be vaccinated and by when. It’s a shame here. Like last year’s flu vaccine debacle, John Swinney’s education mess, and other instances too numerous to list here, this again shows this SNP government’s absolute inability to do anything efficiently or effectively.

Ms. Sturgeon has managed to find enough resources since last March to bring together and generate her daily political broadcast – excuse me, Covid update – so why can’t she now find resources to include a daily update on vaccine progress against a clearly articulated schedule? This is what we want to hear from her, not her relentless, repetitive political jibes on a regular basis or her monotonous and very divisive monologue of freedom.

Paul McPhail, The G43 in Glasgow.


When my 80-year-old brother contacted me yesterday to say that he had just received his first vaccine against Covid, I was more than pleased. He lives in Essex, where by mid-February, NHS England started carrying out a major vaccine campaign to immunize all four priority groups; this includes anyone over seventy, NHS employees, care home staff and care home tenants, and more than 13 million people with underlying health issues. This is an exceedingly ambitious objective, but one that the Prime Minister is sure he can accomplish.

In these conditions, it is not unrealistic to assume that with vaccination that includes the most vulnerable groups in a similar timeframe, we will achieve similar results here in Scotland. Should it not work in the Scottish government


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