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Leon Brittan’s widow says police raid on her home amid false paedo ring claims ‘traumatised’ her

LEON Brittan’s widow has revealed a police raid on her home left her close to a breakdown as cops investigated false claims of a Westminster paedophile ring.

Lady Brittan said that the Met Police raid on her home two months after her husband’s death in 2015 had left her “traumatised with shock” and “unable to move”.

Now for the first time, the 79-year-old has told of the hurt she suffered as a result of false allegations made by fantasist Carl Beech in a new documentary.

She said her life was turned upside down by the raid at 8.30 in the morning after cops targeted former home secretary Lord Brittan’s London and Yorkshire homes.

Lady Brittan told The BBC: “I was sitting in this room in that chair.

“I was traumatised with shock like a fly stuck to a flypaper. I couldn’t move.

“I think if I’d not had a very good set of friends and supporters, you do begin to wonder whether you wouldn’t have had a nervous breakdown or be really quite ill as a result of the stress.

“The stuff that was taken was shown to me and all I remember was saying I cannot think why you are taking these videos – because these were videos of Inspector Morse and things like that.”

She added: “l wish it had never happened. Life would have been very different if it had never happened.”

Sheila Walton, the couple’s housekeeper at their Yorkshire home, said Lady Brittan was devastated about cops seizing her dead husband’s slippers
Lady Brittan has already received £100,000 in damages from the Met over the botched investigation.

The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech will be broadcast next Monday on BBC 2.

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