Left-wing activists have taken over Wikipedia, according to Larry Sanger, the website’s co-founder.


Left-wing activists have taken over Wikipedia, according to Larry Sanger, the website’s co-founder.

Left-wing activists, according to WIKIPEDIA’s co-creator, have assured that the online encyclopedia delivers a “establishment” vision of the facts.

In an interview with the online blog UnHerd, Larry Sanger, 53, claims he can no longer trust the website he built. He and Jimmy Wales co-founded the online encyclopedia in 2001, but he claims it no longer keeps to its initial dedication to neutrality.

When asked if you can trust Wikipedia by UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers, Sanger said, “You can trust it to deliver a reliable establishment point of view on pretty much anything.”

“Can you trust it to tell you the truth?” added the American philosopher. Well, it depends on what you believe to be the truth?”

The shifts in neutrality on Wikipedia entries, according to Sanger, have been visible for the past five years.

According to Mr. Sanger, this includes prohibitions on utilizing right-leaning news outlets as sources in Wikipedia articles, such as the Daily Mail or Fox News.

Wikipedia, he asserted, “seems to presuppose that there is only one genuine defensible version of the facts on any contentious issue.” That wasn’t always the case with Wikipedia.”

“If you want anything slightly like the Republican point of view on Biden, you’re not going to get it from the article,” Mr Sanger continued.

Mr Sanger stated, “Voices are literally being stifled.”

In the United Kingdom, there are even cases of user issues.

Yesterday, Christopher Snowdon, the Institute of Economic Affairs’ head of lifestyle economics, turned to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with Wikipedia.

“The IEA’s Wikipedia page has been vandalized to the point of insanity, and everyone who attempts to correct it appears to be banned. He informed his followers, “What a farce this site has become.”

Snowdon was particularly enraged by the IEA’s Wikipedia page’s labeling of the educational organization as right-wing, claiming that the “site’s been taken over by activists.”

“It’s not rightwing, it doesn’t reject climate change, it’s not affiliated with the New Right (whatever that is), it doesn’t call for the NHS to be abolished, it doesn’t refuse tobacco money, and it doesn’t give ‘Cash for Access,’” he stated.

“Apart from that, you’re dead on,” Snowdon joked.

This website has requested a response from Wikipedia.


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