Leave voters believe Northern Ireland’s peace is at jeopardy.


Leave voters believe Northern Ireland’s peace is at jeopardy.

Leave voters claim that Brussels’ attempts to thwart Brexit with trade regulation amendments are jeopardizing Northern Ireland’s peace.

According to a poll, more over half of respondents believe the EU’s intervention in trade between the UK and the province is endangering stability.

To avoid trade barriers along the Irish border, rule revisions give Eurocrats the ability to inspect products flowing across the Irish Sea into Northern Ireland, which, in effect, remains part of the EU single market.

The poll was conducted while more than 160 bonfires were lighted by loyalists to celebrate the start of the Protestant parade season.

While the bulk of them go off without a hitch, a few have sparked controversy by burning effigies of politicians and election posters. The cross-party agreement

The poll, commissioned by the Centre for Brexit Policy and conducted by Savanta ComRes, should serve as a wake-up call for the government, according to CBP leader and former Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson.

“The research demonstrates that the British people recognize that the Northern Ireland protocol drastically affects Northern Ireland’s status and threatens its stability,” he said.

In a poll of more than 2,000 UK adults, 57 percent of Leave voters feel the protocol is being used as a backdoor means to sabotage Brexit. Remainers agree that the constraints impeded a proper exit 40% of the time, while only 13% disagree.

Just over half of those polled (53%) believe it is critical that Northern Ireland stay part of the United Kingdom, with only 12% disagreeing. Last month, just hours before a meat sales ban, Brussels agreed to a three-month sausage war ceasefire.

The restrictions, which would have prohibited the import of chilled beef from the United Kingdom, were postponed for three months. The United Kingdom claims that the EU is too tough in implementing regulations and has asked the group to be more “pragmatic.” “For all the smoke and mirrors, the public knows that the hidden purpose here is to use the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland as a method of undermining Brexit,” said DUP MP and CBP director Sammy Wilson.

“Foreign powers should not be permitted to interfere with intra-state trade.”

The Twelfth of July parades, which took place in 100 locations across Northern Ireland on Monday, were preceded by Eleventh Night bonfires.

Two Stormont ministers had previously failed in a legal battle to compel police to assist in the removal of a bonfire near the nationalist New Lodge neighbourhood in Tiger’s Bay, north Belfast.

Officers expressed their concern. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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