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Leaked video shows moment Katy Perry ‘decided to call her daughter Daisy’

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, on Wednesday.

And as fans from across the world congratulate the Hollywood couple, an Australian radio host has suggested that the pop star may have copied her daughter’s name.

Fox FM presenter Fifi Box met Katy, 35, during her visit Down Under for a bushfire relief concert in March, and even introduced the Bon Appétit hitmaker to her children, Daisy Belle, one, and Trixie Belle, seven. 

After Katy and Orlando welcomed their child into the world, Fifi couldn’t help but point out on Friday that the American superstar had named her firstborn Daisy just five months after swooning over her daughter Daisy in Melbourne.

Addressing the coincidence on the Fifi, Fev & Byron show, co-host Brendan Fevola said: ‘I think she copied [the name], because we met her and I’ve never seen a woman or any person love someone else’s kid as much as she did!’

Fifi, 43, replied: ‘It’s funny, Fev. I just had a feeling because you were there and we obviously recorded an interview for the radio. 

‘But then I thought when she released a song [called Daisies], I went, “No she wouldn’t do a song and the baby… but we’ve got another Daisy!’

Fox FM also released behind-the-scenes footage from the March interview when a pregnant Katy met Fifi’s daughter Daisy Belle in person.

‘It’s a great name!’ Katy could be heard saying enthusiastically.

Fifi said of the video on Friday: ‘When we were away from the microphones, she was really obsessed with Daisy and her name.’

Meanwhile, Fifi’s Instagram followers are also convinced her daughter may have inspired the name given to Katy and Orlando’s firstborn. 

‘Ha ha I love this. She defo borrowed the name,’ one fan wrote. 

‘She must of loved her so much she used the same name,’ another added, while a third commented: ‘You had a feeling she’d call her Daisy.’

Katy’s fans have expressed their delight over Daisy Dove’s name, noting that it corresponds perfectly with her hit single Daisies, which was released in May. 

Katy and her fiancé, Orlando, confirmed their daughter’s birth in a statement released to humanitarian children’s charity UNICEF on Wednesday evening. 

‘We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,’ they wrote.

The couple stated that although they were celebrating the birth of their daughter, they acknowledged that ‘not everyone can have a birthing experience as peaceful’ as theirs was. 

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