Leaked footage shows 14 ‘crafts’ swarming a US Navy boat before of a Pentagon report on UFO sightings.


Leaked footage shows 14 ‘crafts’ swarming a US Navy boat before of a Pentagon report on UFO sightings.

NEW UFO film has surfaced, showing 14 flying objects swarming a US Navy warship on a radar screen in a way that is “much more complex” than present technology enables.

As many as 14 apparent ‘flying crafts’ surround the US Navy’s USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego, California, according to newly released UFO film. The new 46-second clip was shared on Twitter by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who says it was shot on July 15, 2019 aboard the USS Omaha. The incident appears to corroborate a prior video of the same incident provided by Mr Corbell.

The footage revealed what seemed to be spherical objects hovering above the sea before falling.

“2019 – US Navy vessels were swarmed by UFOs; here’s the RADAR footage that shows that,” Mr Corbell tweeted on Thursday.

“Filmed at the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center on July 15th, 2019.”

“This is corroborative electro-optic evidence demonstrating a major sequence of UFO events in a warning region off the coast of San Diego.”

“I can confirm that the video you received was shot by Navy troops, and that the UAPTF included it in their current examinations,” a Pentagon spokeswoman told NBC in reaction to the tape. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more information for you.”

A radar screen is visible in the published video, with many things moving around the Navy ship.

Some of the UFOs have been seen traveling at speeds of up to 160 miles per hour.

“138 knots,” an anonymous male is heard stating at one point. What the f***! They’re moving quickly.”

“Oh, it’s turning around,” the sailor adds.

The video was released just days before a groundbreaking government-sponsored report on mysterious aerial phenomenon is set to be delivered to Congress.

The declassified report will examine into “unexplained flying phenomena” and the national security threats they pose.

Leaked military radar readings suggesting suspected UFO activity near a Navy cruiser off the coast of California have been made public. More from @GadiNBC. pic.twitter.com/oXIRM5D3L6

In March, John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence, admitted that the US government has evidence of known vessels capable of breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom and performing movements inconceivable with human technology.

Mr Corbell said that other odd incidences occurred off the coast of San Diego around the country after the release of the new film. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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