Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC is accused by a Brexit whistleblower of preventing information from spreading.


Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC is accused by a Brexit whistleblower of preventing information from spreading.

A BREXITEER who exposed Vote Leave’s illicit campaign funding has criticised the BBC for allegedly ignoring the matter previously.

Former Downing Street chief advisor Dominic Cummings made statements in an interview with Laura Kuenssberg this week, according to Shahmir Sanni, that are merely repeating what he said in 2018. The 27-year-old first exposed how Vote Leave breached the rules by ostensibly donating £625,000 to a youth organisation called BeLeave.

Instead of being used by the group, it was sent directly to AggregateIQ, a data and ad-targeting firm with ties to Cambridge Analytica.

Vote Leave and BeLeave were later found to have committed “severe violations” of the law by working together and thereby overspending, prompting the Electoral Commission to summon the Metropolitan Police.

Later, Vote Leave was fined £61,000 for their actions.

Mr Sanni said that his remarks were generally overlooked at the time, including by the BBC, until they emerged this week.

“Nearly everything (Mr) Cummings has stated, I said three years ago when I blew the whistle,” the Brexiteer responded.

“And the journalists who have been beaten by this country’s ruling establishment on numerous occasions.

“Hailed as charlatans and conspiracy theorists. Outrage is now being perpetrated by the same people.”

He went on to accuse Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s Political Editor, of neglecting the matter until she interviewed Mr Cummings.

“All of this, as well as the BBC News management team’s vilification of my work, is in the public domain,” he asserted.

“I can’t keep tweeting the same thing over and over again,” she says. Please take use of Google. That interview was a calculated move. “This isn’t public-interest journalism.”

LBC’s James O’Brien instantly defended the Brexiteer, tweeting his support.

“Damn right,” he wrote in response to his post. Please don’t try to fool us with a phony “surprise.”

“People like Shahmir put their lives on the line to tell you the truths that the country’s most influential journalists ignored or mocked.”

Mr Sanni alleged that he was the victim of a smear campaign after speaking out.

Downing Street responded by claiming he was the spurned lover of then-Prime Minister Theresa May’s adviser Stephen Parkinson, who was a senior figure at Vote Leave, and that he had made up the whole tale.

However, evidence suggested otherwise, and pro-Brexit parties were found to have broken election law.

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