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Latte made with Instagram-friendly edible flower ice cubes goes viral on TikTok

There are some things which look great on social media but perhaps aren’t so good in real life.  

Influencer @Samishome pushed the boundaries on Sunday by posting a video on TikTok in which she was seen making ice cubes with edible flowers in them. 

Hong Kong-based Sam then took things a step further by swirling milk and coffee into a glass with the cubes to make a very aesthetically-pleasing iced caffeine hit.

The video received more than 2million views and 16,000 comments. While some users were amazed, others rightly pointed out that the flowers wouldn’t be so pretty when the ice melted.

In the video, Hong Kong-based Sam, who has nearly 300,000 followers collectively on TikTok and Instagram, was first seen dropping beautiful flowers into water-filled ice cube trays. 

She then put them in the freezer and took them out once they had formed into stunningly colourful cubes of ice. 

The star then dropped the cubes into a glass and poured milk over them, before adding a dash of strong coffee and stirring the cold drink with a metal straw. 

Some users were delighted with the creation. One wrote, ‘now that’s A E S T H E T I C’. 

Another added: ‘This was so comforting.’ 

A third wrote: ‘Prettiest ice cubes I’ve ever seen.’ 

However, many users pointed out that the drink wouldn’t be so appetising when the cubes of ice melted. 

In apparently sarcastic fashion, popular TikTok star Nic Kaufmann wrote, ‘I love eating flower petals while drinking coffee.’ 

Another user said, ‘it’s all fun and games until the ice cubes melt.’ 

A third user agreed and said, ‘ooo… when that melts though… that’s gonna be some soggy flowers with coffee dregs.’ 

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