Last-minute summer vacations overseas are available at the lowest costs in years for Britons.


Last-minute summer vacations overseas are available at the lowest costs in years for Britons.

According to the UK’s largest independent travel firm, sun-starved families are getting some of the “greatest rates for holidays in years.” Last week, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps gave the green light to the scramble for last-minute summer vacations, sending bookings to France, Spain, the Balearic Islands, and Portugal skyrocketing.

Bookings to France increased dramatically this week, with easyJet bookings to the country more than doubling from the previous week. Brittany Ferries had a threefold increase in bookings in the 24 hours following France’s controversial “amber plus” status adjustment, gaining £1.2 million per day compared to £400,000 per day before the announcement.

At the same time, the news that arrivals from France will no longer be required to self-isolate and that Spain will remain on the amber list has caused a surge of hotel cancellations in the UK, as staycations are abandoned.

As Britons broaden their horizons, hotel cancellation rates of more than 50% have left some businesses facing a quiet conclusion to the summer.

“At the moment, we will see some of the best pricing we have seen in years,” said Dame Irene Hays, chair of Hays Travel.

“We’ve had a lot of queries over the last couple of weeks, and we had a number of people ready to book them; we’re just waiting for the Secretary of State to make an announcement.”

In light of Mr Shapps’ statements, Dame Irene also advised travelers to book with a “reputable travel agent.”

He stated that there is “never a zero chance” that Spain and other major tourist destinations may be added to the red list in the future.

“As long as people are careful where they book, the travel agent will look after the two most crucial things,” Dame Irene remarked.

“The first is their physical and emotional well-being, and the second is their financial stability.” Hays noted that the reopening of the United Arab Emirates provides a pleasant opportunity to visit Dubai and its neighbors.

She explained, “It gives an opportunity for folks who desire to go to the Maldives.” “It’s fantastic that the UAE has opened up.”

Club Med, a luxury travel company, saw a 43 percent spike in web traffic to its France destination page week over week.

“We are at least satisfied we,” Estelle Giraudeau, Club Med’s Managing Director of the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, stated.


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