Landscape Recovery initiative is a success, with 300,000 hectares being returned to nature.


300,000 hectares will be returned to nature as part of the Landscape Recovery initiative.

To protect native species, farmers in England are planning to restore hundreds of thousands of hectares of habitat.

The Daily Express and our Green Britain Needs You campaign have won a victory with new government schemes to restore up to 300,000 hectares of wildlife habitat by 2042.

Yesterday, Environment Secretary George Eustice announced that 15 projects will be chosen as part of the Landscape Recovery initiative’s initial stages.

They’ll concentrate on ensuring the survival of endangered species and restoring rivers and streams that have been damaged.

The projects will also provide “significant environmental benefits,” such as carbon savings of 25 to 50 kilotonnes per year, which is roughly equivalent to taking 25,000 cars off the road.

“We want to see profitable farming businesses producing nutritious food, supporting a growing rural economy, where nature is recovering and people have better access to it,” Mr Eustice said.

To test our approach, we’ve partnered with over 3,000 farmers.”

Farmers will be compensated under the Local Nature Recovery scheme for taking actions that benefit nature on a local level, such as creating habitats, planting trees, and restoring peat and wetland areas.

Green groups applauded the government’s new plan to put up to 60% of England’s agricultural soil under sustainable management by 2030.

“This marks a historic shift in the way we manage our land,” Natural England’s chair, Tony Juniper, said.

“The plans put us on track to produce sustainable food while also tackling the urgent task of halting and reversing nature’s decline.”

The Express and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds raised half of the £90,000 needed to purchase Horse Common in the New Forest and restore it to its natural state.

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