Lanark biscuit maker hits £1m charity milestone during lockdown


The community support initiative backed by profits from Border Biscuits has hit the £1 million milestone with donations to more than 170 organisations and good causes.

The independently-owned Lanark business, which employs about 170 people, has been donating 10 per cent of its profits through Border Biscuits Community Support since the initiative was set up in 2010. Recipients have included organisations such as New Lanark Trust, Rotary International and Archaeology Scotland.

Founded in 1984, the company recorded sales of £16.5m in 2019, with a pre-tax profit of £439,000. Last year, the company announced a major UK-wide supply deal with Morrisons, which saw the snack bar version of its dark chocolate ginger biscuit rolled out across 182 of the supermarket group’s stores across the UK.

 Border Biscuits wins UK supply deal with Morrisons

In addition to donating funds, the charity also sees the company’s employees volunteer regularly with projects. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the company has donated more than 150,000 packets of biscuits to NHS hospitals, care homes and food banks across the UK.

“Our company has grown significantly over the last ten years and our donations through Border Biscuits Community Support have grown with it,” chief executive John Cunningham said.

“For our scale of business, we know that while we cannot change the world, we can make a real difference in our community.

“It is more than just money, it is about partnering with other organisations and giving practical guidance and time. It is a big idea – that a business can play a bigger role in their community.

 Border Biscuits supports fight against coronavirus

“We have worked with over 170 organisations and groups delivering projects in sports, arts, leisure and recreation, heritage, events, learning and digital with the aim of helping people who are trying to make a difference.”

Within the company’s local community, Lanark Community Development Trust and the Discover Lanark Business Improvement Group continue to be key partners of Border Biscuits Community Support.

Sylvia Russell of Lanark Community Development Trust said: “Border Biscuits has been an integral part of the development trust, with funding and expertise helping to regenerate the community since 2012.

“Funding has contributed to a wide variety of initiatives over the years including the creation of a digital platform to promote the town, regeneration of our high street, Castlebank Park and Horticultural Centre development.”


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