Lady Louise Windsor is savoring her final days of freedom before a major shift in the pace this weekend.


Lady Louise Windsor is savoring her final days of freedom before a major shift in the pace this weekend.

When Prince Edward’s oldest child, Lady Louise Windsor, returns to school on Sunday, she may expect a significant change in her life.

The 17-year-old attends St Mary’s School Ascot, a private girls’ boarding school.

She will be studying for her A-levels after completing her AS-levels this year.

According to the school’s official website, students at St Mary’s School Ascot will return on Sunday, September 5.

Lady Windsor studied English, politics, history, and drama at AS level, according to Hello!

When students transfer from AS to A-levels, they usually drop one subject, but it’s unclear whether this will be the case with Louise.

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, Edward’s wife, has already expressed her desire for Louise to attend university.

“She’s working hard and will finish A-levels,” she told the Sunday Times Magazine in 2020.

“I’m hoping she attends university. I wouldn’t make her do it unless she expresses an interest in doing so. She’s quite astute.”

Sophie talked to BBC Radio 5 Live earlier this year about Louise, expressing her hope that she will be able to be “as private as she needs.”

“I hope she can continue with her education, which I believe she will want to do, and that she and her friends will protect her from anything that someone could wish to do,” she said.

“However, I must let her to live her life.” It is not my responsibility to live.

“I can only provide her with the greatest possible equipment, and then she must make her own decisions.”

“But I hope she will be able to be as private as she wants to be for at least the next few years.”

According to a royal insider, Louise is becoming a “favourite” of the Queen, along with her brother Viscount Severn.

“The Queen loves that Louise and James enjoy their time in Balmoral, and she has grown particularly close to Louise, who appears to have become her favorite grandchild, closely followed by James,” they told The Sun.

The Countess of Wessex spoke to the Sunday Times about the Queen and her daughter’s tight relationship.

“I assume not everyone’s grandparents live in a castle,” she explained, “but where you’re going, or who they are, isn’t the essential part.”

“She is their grandmother when they are with the Queen.”

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