Lady Louise ‘outshines’ other Royal Family members when it comes to Philip’s favorite pastime.


Lady Louise ‘outshines’ other Royal Family members when it comes to Philip’s favorite pastime.

LADY By following in her late grandfather’s footsteps into the sport of carriage driving, Louise Windsor has “created quite a niche for herself.”

Lady Louise Windsor, Prince Philip’s youngest grandchild, is shown to be “excellently proficient” behind the wheel, sharing her grandfather’s passion for carriage driving. Sophie Wessex stated her daughter had a “natural talent” for the sport and that she had recently competed in the Windsor Horse Show in July. Lady Louise’s love was shared by the late Duke of Edinburgh, who would routinely cheer her on from the sidelines at her tournaments.

“The Royal Family is known for their collective interest in activities including as horseback riding, polo, and hunting, and it appears that Lady Louise Windsor has followed suit,” The List claimed.

“She is an incredibly talented carriage driver, according to Woman and Home, and has made quite a niche for herself inside the activity.

“During a virtual appearance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, her mother, Countess of Wessex, commented about her daughter’s abilities: ‘To actually participate in the horse show, you know, has been a really remarkable thing for her to accomplish.’

“Sophie claims that her daughter’s abilities are a natural ability, and that she outshines the rest of the family.

“’Frankly, I trail in her wake,’ Sophie replied. No, she’s incredibly good at it since she’s born with it. It’s something she’s gotten used to quickly.’

“School, on the other hand, got in the way of Louise’s dream. Louise took a hiatus from carriage driving to study, which kept her away from the Royal Windsor Horse Show, according to Sophie. Louise didn’t miss out on anything because the show was canceled owing to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Queen and other members of the Royal Family gathered in Windsor Great Park in July to watch Lady Louise Windsor compete in the annual horse exhibition.

Prince Philip’s four-wheel dark green carriage, which was supposedly given to her in his will, was used by her.

Prince Philip also left his two fell ponies, Balmoral Nevis and Notlaw Storm, to his granddaughter, indicating their close relationship.

The carriage was utilized in April as part of the late Duke’s funeral procession, to honor his passion for carriage driving and equestrian sports.

The Windsor, to be precise. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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