Lady Kitty Spencer is a fictional character. Will there be a royal wedding in Italy?


Lady Kitty Spencer is a fictional character. Will there be a royal wedding in Italy?

LADY KITTY SPENCER is rumored to be getting married in Italy. What is the identity of the aristocrat, and will the royal wedding take place?

Since 2019, Lady Kitty Spencer, 30, has been engaged to 62-year-old South African businessman Michael Lewis. The couple apparently had to postpone their wedding owing to the epidemic, but are now rumored to be planning a wedding in Italy.

Lady Kitty Spencer is a model and aristocrat with ties to the British Royal Family.

She is Princess Diana’s niece and the eldest child of Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer.

She is Prince Harry’s (36), and Prince William’s (39), cousin.

Kitty announced her engagement earlier this year.

“It’s not that I don’t think love is important,” she told Town and Country.

“It’s because love is the most important thing in the world to me, and I’ll defend it with everything I have by not bringing it up in conversation.”

“You expose yourself up to other people’s opinions,” she continued, “and it simply isn’t important to anyone’s life except mine and my family’s.”

“All I want is a truly happy home life, with a good spouse and happy children.

“And I’m at ease knowing that everything will turn out as it should.”

Kitty’s friends were seen arriving in Italy on Friday, with several implying on social media that they are in town for her wedding.

Marpessa Hennink, a Dutch fashion model, posted a selfie with Kitty last night with the caption “Team Bride.” It’s finally happening.”

Mark Francis Vandelli, who starred in Made in Chelsea, also posted a cryptic message from Rome, just saying, “And so it begins @kitty.spencer.”

“And so it begins,” wrote another friend, Simon Huck, as he enjoyed a drink on the street in the city.

Lady Kitty’s sisters, Lady Amelia and Eliza, haven’t posted in a while, and her father, Charles Spencer, released a video of the grounds of Althorp House this morning.

Kitty tweeted a photo of herself wearing a leopard print bodycon dress while posing for a shot on a bridge during a girl’s weekend in Florence earlier this week.

Several comments appear to allude to the planned major event, including one that reads, “Yeah, can’t wait to see you!”

Meanwhile, Piotr Kamil Kryzmowski, an artist, is writing, “Can’t wait!”


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