Labrador is fighting rubbish and cleaning up parks.


Labrador is fighting rubbish and cleaning up parks.

Harley is quick to lend a hand when it comes to cleaning up litter in his neighborhood park.

On his morning walk with owner John Evans, the black Labrador likes nothing more than picking up discarded plastic bottles. The kind dog gathers the litter in his mouth and deposits it near a bin for John to dispose of.

The five-year-old dog’s cleaning campaign at Pudsey’s Queen’s Park has earned him a following in the West Yorkshire town.

“Everyone knows who Harley is,” John, 57, remarked. He has a reputation for picking up all of the plastic bottles.

“If we’re at home and we have an empty plastic juice bottle or anything, he’ll stare at you. He’s on a mission to get his teeth into that bottle.

“All he does is go around picking them up. I didn’t want to take all of the bottles home with me because the bin was filling up. So I taught him to place the bottles by the bin’s side.”

When John and Julie’s grandchildren came to visit, Harley picked up their drink bottles, according to John and Julie.

“We have a local community group that collects the trash on a daily basis, and they say Harley is an honorary member,” said John, a heating engineer.


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