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Labour’s Richard Burgon wants to make propaganda newspaper to brainwash potential voters

LABOUR hopeful for the deputy leadership Richard Burgon has said the party should print their own propaganda newspaper aimed at commuters.

The MP said printing their own paper would be the strongest way to get their messages out to the public without having to rely on the mainstream media. He said the party learn the “political, organisational and technological lessons” from their 2019 election defeat, and improve their media strategy, according to Politics Home. He suggested the idea of a Labour Party paper to win back voters lost by outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Burgon said: “Something I’d like to see, it might seem like an old-fashioned idea, but obviously in London there is the Evening Standard that everyone reads on the Tube and on the bus.

“And in other parts of the country there is the Metro, every time you go to work in Leeds or wherever you’ve got everyone reading the Metro because it’s there.

“It would be fantastic if the labour movement could invest in its own free newspaper given out on public transport, because that is when people will read it.”

He added: “It can be written in a tabloid style.

“You know, I’m no expert at that, but I think we need to consider every option in terms of getting our message out there.”

Ian Murray, one of Mr Burgon’s rivals in the deputy leadership race along with Angela Rayner and Dawn Butler, slapped the idea down.

He said: “We are a party aspiring to be in Government, not a protest movement handing out newspapers outside train stations.

“Wasting members’ money on more vanity projects like Labour Live will not transform our movement for power.

“Blaming the media for our defeat is also a pathetic excuse for our failings – we lost because voters didn’t trust our leadership, we faced both ways on the constitution, and our policies weren’t believable.

“Every Labour leader, including Tony Blair, has faced a tough time from the press.

“But we won’t get our message out by booing journalists, denigrating the work they do, or circumventing the mainstream media.

“We will get our message out by having a credible offer of change that convinces the British public to vote for Labour.”

The battle to replace Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson in their Labour leadership roles officially began last month.

Mr Corbyn agreed to stand down as leader after overseeing the party’s worst election result since before the start of the Second World War.

In the December 12 poll, Labour picked up just 203 out of a possible 650 seats, giving Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party an 80 seat majority at the same time.

Tom Watson announced his intention to stand down as deputy leader of the Labour Party ahead of last year’s election when he said he would be quitting the Commons for good.

After serving West Bromwich East for 18 years, Mr Watson made the decision to stand down as an MP.

Mr Corbyn has nominated Mr Watson for a peerage to reward the years of service to the party.

If approved by the appointments board, Mr Watson’s place in the House of Lords could be confirmed by the end of the week.

The new Labour leader and deputy leader will be announced in April.

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