Labour MP criticizes Boris Johnson’s ‘level up’ plan, calling it “nothing of substance.”


Labour MP criticizes Boris Johnson’s ‘level up’ plan, calling it “nothing of substance.”

A LABOUR MP has slammed Prime Minister Theresa May’s new plan to “level up” the country, saying it contains “nothing of substance.”

On BBC Newsnight, Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Steve Reed blasted Boris Johnson’s proposals.

“It’s more of a fabrication of the imagination,” he continued, “because there’s nothing of substance in there.”

The Prime Minister outlined the “skeleton” concept in a speech in Coventry.

The plan’s goal is to more equitably distribute power and opportunity, and Mr Johnson stated that the government wants to “rewrite the rulebook” on local devolution.

He also stated that he wants to provide additional possibilities and powers to England’s county districts.

In his speech, Mr Johnson stated, “We don’t want to decapitate the towering poppies.”

“We don’t believe that making the wealthiest poorer will make the poorer portions of the country richer.

“Leveling up isn’t a clog-clearing exercise.

“It’s not stealing Peter to pay Paul,” says the narrator.

“It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s a win-win situation.”

The Labour Party, on the other hand, has slammed the Prime Minister’s new proposal, with deputy leader Angela Rayner slamming it as a “public relations exercise.”

She told the BBC, “It’s all jam tomorrow and a load of nonsense.”

“What he claims to be doing and what he promises he’ll do isn’t what happens in reality.”

To alleviate inequities in the country, Mr Johnson’s strategy entails investing in transportation, skills, and enterprises.

In September, more information on the “level up” plan is scheduled to be disclosed.


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