Labour MP causes controversy by referring to the EU referendum as a “post-colonial panic spasm.”


Labour MP causes controversy by referring to the EU referendum as a “post-colonial panic spasm.”

Brexit has been dubbed a “post-colonial panic attack” by a Labour MP, causing fury.

“In essence, Brexit was a massive, post-colonial, panic attack,” Clive Lewis, the Labour MP for Norwich South, wrote on Twitter. The tweet drew a lot of negative feedback from Twitter users. “You would think Labour MPs would have better things to do,” one supporter wrote.

“Yet another reason why Labour will never be in power.”

“Dear God, I realize it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, but still people who can’t stomach the concept that actual democracy, i.e. an individual’s ability to vote as their conscience dictates, could’ve gone against what they dearly wanted, so, so pathetic, go on,” added another.

Mr Lewis was one of 52 Labour MPs who defied Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip in 2017 by voting against the Government’s Brexit Bill.

In protest of the bill, he resigned from his role as shadow business secretary.

“When I became the MP for Norwich South, I told my constituents that I would be Norwich’s voice in Westminster, not Westminster’s voice in Norwich,” he remarked when asked to vote in favor in 2017.

“As a result, I cannot vote for something that I believe would ultimately harm the city I have the honor to represent, love, and call home with good conscience.

“I have thus chosen to resign from the shadow cabinet with a sorrowful heart.”

Mr Lewis, a former infantry officer who served in Afghanistan, tweeted a link to an article by journalist Jonathan Lis in Perspective magazine titled “Britania Rules Only the Airwaves.”

“Britain has been defined by postcolonial melancholia, and Brexit was the climactic breakdown,” Mr Lis wrote in an editorial piece for Perspective Magazine.

“This is the root of Global Britain, the response to a panic attack rather than an inquiry.

“To defend her version of Brexit, Theresa May developed the slogan.

“Johnson then used it to further his one real goal: furthering his own personal interests.

“That is, to become the ‘global monarch’ he has always imagined himself to be.

“While doing so, he is appealing to individuals who might vote for him.”

Mr Lis was critical of Mr Johnson’s post-Brexit policy of “Global Britain.”

“It’s not about persuading policymakers in foreign capitals or the UN,” he said, “but about selling a brand to a tiny set of Tory newspaper editors who will disseminate it to voters.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” published an article by him.


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