Labour is on electoral war footing, with Dowden refusing to rule out a 2023 election, declaring himself “ready to battle!”


Labour is on electoral war footing, with Dowden refusing to rule out a 2023 election, declaring himself “ready to battle!”

THE LABOUR PARTY is gearing up for a snap election after the Conservative Party Chairman declined to rule out a vote in 2023.

Labour Party figures are reportedly prepared to argue for an early general election in 2023, according to the Mirror. “We have to be ready to fight an election a year early,” a top insider told the Mirror.

“We fully expect the Conservatives to recognize that if they run for re-election, the voters will understand what a disaster they’ve created.”

“So we’re going to go full throttle now to make sure everything is in order.”

“We’ll be ready for the election whenever it comes,” a Labour source told the Mirror. We don’t think Johnson will go the distance because he can see Starmer reorganizing the Labour Party and because he has no plan.” The Conservative Party’s chairman, Oliver Dowden, has not ruled out an early election in 2023.

“The Prime Minister has urged me to make sure the Conservative Party machine is ready for an election whenever it comes,” Mr Dowden stated.

“Right now, we’re completely focused on getting on with the task of ensuring that we deliver for the British people,” he continued.

Because the Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011 is set to expire, an election could be called sooner rather than later.

In the 2019 general election, Mr Johnson promised to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

With the Act repealed, the Prime Minister could call an early general election before May 2024 without obtaining the support of two-thirds of all MPs.

The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act has been blamed in part for the 2019 Brexit impasse in the House of Commons.

An election may only be called earlier than the five-year period under the Fixed Term Parliament Act if two-thirds of MPs agreed.

Mr Johnson attempted to break the Brexit impasse in Parliament, but the government failed to gain the required two-thirds majority on three occasions before the 2019 election.

The Labour Party has now lost four general elections in a row.

The Labour Party suffered its worst election defeat since 1935 in 2019.

According to a recent YouGov poll conducted on September 28-29, the Conservatives have 39 percent of the vote, while the Labour Party has 31 percent.


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