Labour has been handed a grim warning that Andy Burnham must be named to Starmer’s senior staff.


Labour has been handed a grim warning that Andy Burnham must be named to Starmer’s senior staff.

ANDY BURNHAM must be given a larger position in Labour if the party is to win the next election, according to a powerful network of public relations professionals.

A network of over 1,200 Labour Party supporters is lobbying for Manchester Mayor Sir Keir to take on more responsibilities as pressure mounts on him for his performance as mayor. The Labour Party’s “Fit for the Future” report, published in Communications, cautioned that the public has a negative opinion of Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership staff.

The group is pressing the Labour Party’s leadership to give popular, high-profile politicians more power.

It suggested that, in light of Westminster’s shortcomings, Mr Burnham’s and Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford’s roles should be more fully utilized.

One of several suggestions offered was to avoid making lengthy policy announcements and to improve the party’s internet communications.

The plans come as Sir Keir’s approval ratings continue to plummet.

Labour Communications believes that bringing in well-known regional politicians will improve the party’s public appeal.

“It is obvious to see that both iterations of the Shadow Cabinet brought together by Keir Starmer have had their limits, from its performance in front of the media to the impression it has made on members of the public,” the group wrote.

It stated the shadow cabinet’s messaging was “diluted and weak” in a harsh review.

“After more than a decade in opposition, Labour is left with two persistent problems: the vast majority of the shadow cabinet has little to no experience of working under a Labour government; and members of the public have either a negative perception of Labour’s time in power, or no recollection of this period at all.

“This makes Labour’s policy commitments and government scrutiny appear too far away and impossible to the general population, even when they are within reach.”

Pete Turay, who previously worked on Sir Keir’s Labour leadership campaign, wrote the “Fit for the Future” chapter on dramatically reforming the shadow cabinet.

It suggested that a new “political cabinet” be formed to work alongside the shadow cabinet, and that it “should include powerful people from across the Labour Party, such as Mark Drakeford, Andy Burnham, Sadiq Khan, Tracey Brabin, Dan Jarvis, Joanne Anderson, and Steve Rotheram.”

“A handful of these data have already gained a lot of traction among the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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