Labour accused of ‘instigating culture warfare’ with ‘woke hostility,’ according to Tory Conference LIVE.


Labour accused of ‘instigating culture warfare’ with ‘woke hostility,’ according to Tory Conference LIVE.

With its “woke hostility,” the Labour Party has been accused of “instigating culture wars.”

Sir Keir Starmer’s party had “woke running through it like a stick of Brighton rock,” Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden said this evening.

The former culture secretary, who has previously attacked cancel culture, claims that the party’s embrace of this politically correct dogma cost them so many seats in the 2019 election.

“Previous generations of Labour leaders, activists, and voters would look with dismay at what Labour has become,” he said at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

“If you want to know why Labour lost the last general election so badly, it’s because so many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of individuals like [my grandfather]believe that Labour has abandoned them in areas across the country.”

A “small but vociferous number” of people who believe Britain is “ruled by privilege and oppression,” according to the former culture secretary, has been condemned.

He also slammed cancel culture, describing it as “a catchphrase that leads to bullying and haranguing of individuals, elected officials, and public institutions.”

Mr Dowden also stated that the Conservative Party is trying to ensure that statues of “national heroes like Nelson, Gladstone, and Churchill remain in the places of honor they deserve.”

“You might expect that a responsible opposition party would be only too eager to demonstrate to the British people that it is on their side against this argument,” the top Tory continued.

Mr Dowden then spoke about his grandpa, Harry Dowden, a Labour voter and trade unionist “through and through” who was known as “Red Harry” because of his extreme left-wing politics.

Many of these previously loyal Labour supporters, he alleged, had abandoned the party.

Breaking apart the UK, according to Michael Gove, would be “vandalism” that would set back “decades of development.”

On Sunday, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said that Britain was the most “successful country in the world” at a CPS event.

Mr Gove encouraged Conservatives to reject attempts to break up the Union on the first day of the party’s conference in Manchester.

If there are food shortages this Christmas, Liz Truss claims that the government is not to blame.

“I don’t believe,” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said during a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference.


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