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Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, said ‘we’re protecting people’ before ‘shooting dead two Kenosha protesters’

TEEN vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse said “we’re protecting people” before he allegedly shot two Kenosha protesters.

On Wednesday, the 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, was arrested and charged with first degree intentional homicide. 

The Milmaukee Journal Sentinel noted that based on Wisconsin law, he is being charged as an adult.

The complaint stated that the teen says the teenager “fled the state of Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for that offense.”

Rittenhouse was interviewed before two activists were killed during the alleged shooting spree, with one of the victims being named on social media as Anthony Huber.

He told a Daily Caller journalist “people are getting injured” as protesters decried the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The reporter noted that the business they stood outside of had been lit on fire the previous night as riots raged.

“Our job is protect this business,” Rittenhouse said, standing outside of the boarded up building. “And part of my job is to also help people.

“If there’s somebody hurt, I’m running into harm’s way and that’s why I have my rifle, to protect myself obviously.”

Antioch Police Cmdr. Norman Johnson reportedly confirmed that Rittenhouse was arrested earlier today.

He’s being held in the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center near Vernon Hills, reported CBS.

Rittenhouse was booked after a gunman was filmed firing his AR-15-style rifle at protesters and brazenly walking past cops afterwards.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said one victim was shot in the head and another person was shot in the chest at about 11.45pm on Tuesday.

A third man was shot and wounded in the arm but this wasn’t life threatening.

Today, law enforcement said they reviewed footage from the chaotic scenes but the probe was ongoing.

Rittenhouse was allegedly allowed to walk past a swarm of police with his hands up and holding his semi-automatic rifle.

Protesters were heard screaming early this morning in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the shots were fired.

Shocking footage shows a man being chased by demonstrators

He can be seen falling as he’s chased before firing his gun, fatally hitting two people.

As police arrive, the gun-slinging teenager they suspect to be Rittenhouse puts his hands up in the air and the cops pass him.

The lead up to the fatal shooting isn’t clear but police think it may have resulted from a gas station conflict.

Cops said “self-styled militias” were defending local businesses from looters but the sheriff didn’t confirm that the gunman was one of the armed citizens patrolling the streets.

Koerri Elijah told Insider that the teenager, later identified as Rittenhouse by cops, appeared to be “on edge” before he ran past him and shots rang out.

“I noticed him the entire time. He didn’t seem like he was there with anyone,” Elijah said. “He was armed. He didn’t seem like he was a threat, but I thought maybe I should keep an eye on him.”

Hours before he was identified as a suspect, social media sleuths named the teen boy and posted his picture online. 

Rittenhouse had reportedly crossed state lines to be there.

Last night, the first shots were fired just after midnight, as a group of protesters faced off police in riot trucks on Sheridan Road.

After being shot in the head, a protester was loaded into the back of an SUV and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Shocking pictures emerged of people tending to a wounded person during the vicious clashes.

Other residents attempting to protect local businesses as fires raged throughout the city.

Devin Scott, 19, told the Chicago Tribune that he was with the Black Lives Matter protesters at the time of the shooting and was unable to revive one of the victims.

“I was cradling him in my arms,” he recalled. “I was trying to keep this kid alive and he wasn’t moving or nothing. He was just laying there.”

Carol Badoni, from Burlington, Wisconsin, spoke to the girlfriend of one of the victims, she said his name was Ben Wis.

Chaos erupted on the streets of Kenosha after Blake, 29, was shot at least seven times and a recording of the incident was posted online.

His three kids were sitting in the grey SUV when a Kenosha cop opened fire at close range, prompting mass outrage.

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