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Know your eggs and kippers from your Kevin Keegans? Then have a butcher’s at our A-Z quiz of cockney rhyming slang

EVERYONE’S familiar with some basic cockney rhyming slang – but how well do you know the language’s Dicky Birds?

Meghan Markle’s American staff have enjoyed some of the London phrases she’s picked up during her time in the capital, but it’s unlikely she’ll be referring to her staircase as the ‘apple and pears’ in her new multi-million pound mansion.

The quirky dialect first started in the East End of London in the nineteenth century and some of its terms have entered widespread usage all over Britain.

So how well do you know cockney rhyming slang?

Read our A to Z quiz (with some helpful clues) below and, when you’re ready, have a butcher’s at the answers at the bottom.


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