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Kmart launches its own robotic vacuum cleaner for $179 just in time for spring cleaning 

Kmart Australia has launched a new self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner for just $179 in time for spring cleaning.

The budget device features three cleaning modes, self charging and a brushless motor similar to gadgets that will often set you back hundreds of dollars more.

When battery power gets low, the robot automatically returns to its charging dock and recharges all by itself – no human intervention required. 

The product includes many of the features you would expect with regular robot vacuum cleaners – and it’s suitable for just about every room in every house.

The new launch comes just days after Aldi Australia announced it’s bringing back its high-end ‘smart’ robotic vacuum cleaner on Saturday, September 5.

The Deebot Ozmo 900 robot will hit shelves for just $399 just months after it sold out within 60 seconds of launching.

Not only can the model vacuum, mop and sweep, the gadget features a mapping system that allows users to customise areas of their home they want cleaned.

The smart robot has been one of Aldi’s best-selling products every year, with hundreds of shoppers lining up in the early hours just to get their hands on one.

Earlier this year, many customers reported on Facebook that the sought-after robot sold out within one minute of the stores opening its doors.

‘Crisis – people have stormed Aldi… and are stockpiling robot vacuums. The ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 900 sold out at my local in two minutes,’ one wrote.

Another shopper said he had to fight the crowds to get his hand on one of 10 smart vacuums available at his store.

‘[Our] store stacked them near the checkouts… we literally jumped over the counter to snatch one. They were gone in about 60 seconds, I managed to get the very last one. Bl**dy hell, this was like Hunger games… with robot vacuums,’ he said.

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