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Kmart launches $79 ‘instant hot water dispenser’ that heats two litres in less than five seconds

Australians are raving about an ‘instant hot water dispenser’ just launched in Kmart that rapidly heats two litres of water in three to five seconds – a fraction of the time it takes a kettle to boil.

The $79 gadget, which hit shelves in-store and online in the past week, pumps out roughly 6ml of water per second and has a child-proof safety lock to prevent kids from turning it on. 

Shoppers have been praising the device in household groups on Facebook, with one declaring: ‘Goodbye kettle and the waiting.’

Another satisfied customer said she loves the adjustable temperature control, which can be set to 25C, 75C, 85C or 98C. 

One woman tagged her colleague and said: ‘This is what you should have got [for the office]! Can’t say I love waiting 20 hours for the work kettle to boil.’

A second said: ‘This looks amazing! I just ordered one, hate my kettle.’

‘I’m always amazed at the things Kmart comes up with. Take my money!’ added a third.

A product description on Kmart’s website says the ‘dispenser will ensure that you get instant hot water in no time’. 

Others raged that they’d just invested in new kettles and wished they had heard about the dispenser sooner.

‘How did I not know about this? I only got a new kettle yesterday,’ one woman complained.

Many said they had ordered the device after seeing positive reviews on Facebook.

One said: ‘Reminds me of the hot water urns our mums used to have in the ’70s, but a lot safer. Getting one.’

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