Kirkwood of BBC Weather predicts that a cool breeze will sweep the UK as cloud forces temperatures down.


Kirkwood of BBC Weather predicts that a cool breeze will sweep the UK as cloud forces temperatures down.

Temperatures will become progressively chilly in some parts of the country as a breeze and cloud envelop the UK, according to BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood.

Because of the increasing breeze, most of the eastern coast of the UK will struggle to reach the high 20s, according to the BBC Weather forecaster. Most locations will be cloudy through Tuesday, with the thickest places resulting in spotty light rain. “High pressure is still in command of our weather, and it will be for the next few days,” Carol Kirkwood stated.

“There will be some sunlight, but the most of us will be gloomy, and there will be some patchy light rain or drizzle, particularly but not solely in the east.

“And we’ve got that chilly breeze blowing in from the North Sea as well as through the English Channel towards the east.

“Today, the highest likelihood of seeing breakouts is in portions of southeast England.

“For the rest of England and much of Wales, there is a lot of cloud.”

“One or two breaks in some sections of northwest England, but more so across Northern Ireland, and western and central Scotland,” Ms Kirkwood continued.

“Temperatures today are up to approximately 20°C in the sun at best, but we’re looking at a range of 13°C to 18°C.

“We’ll see a return to a lot of cloud this evening and overnight, with occasional breaks, especially across central Scotland, where temperatures could drop two to three degrees.

“And breezy all the way down the North Sea coast, over the English Channel, and down the Devon and Cornwall coasts.”

Through the night, the cloud will thicken again, and individuals in the central and eastern parts of the country can expect spotty light showers.

“This cloud thickens up once again for some patchy light rain and drizzle, you’ll hear me say this for the next couple of days, and also cool where that cloud does break,” the BBC Weather forecaster continued.

“Still breezy tomorrow throughout the North Sea coast, through the English Channel, and along the Devon and Cornwall coasts.

“There will be a lot of overcast tomorrow as well, especially in England and Wales.

“There will be a little more sunshine in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“Temperatures reaching 21°C in the sun, but still cold towards the east coast.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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