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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s legs ‘appear stretched’ and bodies ‘defy physics’ as fans slam photoshop in new ad

KARDASHIAN sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have somehow “defied physics” in a new ad campaign that has been criticized by fans for using extreme photoshop.

The three have colloaborated on a new perfume – Diamonds II Collection – and Kim shared the campaign shots, which features the three sisters posing in jewel-tone gowns.

But it was the obvious photoshop that had fans talking, with their unique features blurred to the point where they looked like “clones,” and Kim’s toes in particular getting many talking.

Photographer and producer Ruthie Darling told The Sun that it appears as if “all of their legs have been stretched using the photoshop ‘scale’ tool which can lengthen a section of the image.”

This action however has forced the toes to also be stretched “making Kim look like Bigfoot’s sister.”

Ruthie added: “This latest ‘Katastrophe’ from the Kardashian’s family photo album suffers from a weary photo editor having to combine several photos at once and not doing the best job of it.

“From what I can tell, poor Khloe has had her best ‘face shot’ masked onto her best ‘body shot.’

“You can tell her face has been superimposed because the retoucher also left in the shadow which isn’t present for the other sisters. Why? Who knows – lockdown fatigue presumably. “

Ruthie also revealed how the second picture is also a “composite of several photos, as the shadows are going in different directions.”

“Kim and Kourtney’s go to the right and Khloe’s to the left,” she shared.

“This literally defies physics. If it had been shot at once they would all be uniform.

“Also, what invisible step is Kourtney standing on? Presumably they just masked that out for some reason, but it looks rather odd that her leg is floating.

“Don’t even get me started on the skin – as they all look like newborn babies I think it’s safe to assume the airbrush tool has been employed with all the dexterity of a child with a crayon.”

One fan, referencing Yoda from Star Wars, commented: “Begun the clone wars has,” as another revealed they thought the “hair is awful and whyyyy filter?”

“Didn’t recognize Khloe for a minute,” shared one fan while one asked when they all received the “same face.”

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