Kim Jong Un’s sister issues a terrifying warning to the United States about looming “security dangers.”


Kim Jong Un’s sister issues a terrifying warning to the United States about looming “security dangers.”

UN sister KIM JONG has made a threat to the United States and South Korea, claiming that both countries will face “security concerns.”

This warning comes as the two countries prepare to conduct joint military exercises in the region.

These drills have been labeled “self-destructive” by Kim Yo Jong, yet preliminary exercises took place on Tuesday, with more planned for the following week.

According to Yonhap, a South Korean news agency, the exercises, dubbed Crisis Management Staff Training, will last through Friday, after which full-scale activities are likely to begin on August 16.

The combined military drills, Ms Kim said in a statement to KCNA, a state news agency, are a “unwelcome, self-destructive activity.”

“By disregarding our repeated warnings to continue with the reckless war games, the United States and South Korea will face a greater security threat,” she warned.

“Do you want to believe in hope or do you want to believe in despair?” That isn’t something we can control.”

Her message also stated that the two countries pose a threat to the people of North Korea.

According to a South Korean military official, computer simulated drills have already begun between US and South Korean troops.

The drills are intended to provide “support for diplomatic efforts for denuclearization and a lasting peace settlement on the Korean Peninsula,” according to a defense ministry spokesman.

South Korea attempted to postpone the drills in response to Kim Yo Jong’s threat in order to maintain a stable relationship with North Korea.

Last week, however, chairman Song Young-gil stated that this was not conceivable.

Military drills are held annually by the United States and South Korea for defense objectives.

At the start of the month, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said, “We believe in adequate training and readiness on the peninsula, and that all of the decisions that we make with respect to training and readiness are done in close cooperation.”

“On the Korean Peninsula, nothing has changed in terms of our requirement to be well educated and ready to meet a variety of threats.

“And we make these choices as a group.”


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