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Killer model Caroline Igoe stuns fellow lags by declaring she wants to become lawyer after jail release

KILLER model Caroline Igoe stunned fellow lags by declaring she wants to become a lawyer when she’s released from jail.

The twisted lifer, 43 — caged for shooting dead her boyfriend — claimed she is a victim of injustice and wants to be help others.

The mum of four maintains her innocence over the murder of Martyn Barclay, 26, even though a jury took just three hours to find her guilty of his horrific slaying in Edinburgh in 2009.

A source at the capital’s Saughton nick said: “Caroline believes she was wrongfully imprisoned and told prisoners she plans to become a lawyer to help others like her.

“She tells anyone who’ll listen how she’ll study law when she is released.

“The other inmates think she’s delusional.

“Who would want a convicted killer as their lawyer?

“She’s living in a dream world.”

Igoe, who posed for glamour photoshoots, must serve at least 20 years for blasting Martyn in the head.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said it does not comment on individual inmates.

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