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Killer drivers could be jailed for life under tough new Government measures

KILLER drivers will be jailed for life under tough new measures.

It will apply to those who are under the influence of drugs — as well as those who are drunk.

The Government will also introduce a new offence of “causing serious injury by ­dangerous driving” to punish those who leave their victims in life-changing conditions.

Drivers who kill while speeding, racing or using a mobile phone will also face the life tariff.

Ministers want to bump up the current 14-year maximum which they say fails to reflect the severity of the crime.

And judges could give whole-life orders to teenagers who commit the most serious crimes.

Currently, that is not possible for those aged under 21 at the time of their crime.

The new laws, which will be introduced next year, come after tireless campaigns from victims’ families and a consultation in which 70 per cent backed the tougher sentencing plan.

The Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland, said: “This government has been clear that punishments must fit the crime but too often families tell us this isn’t the case with killer drivers.

“So today, I am announcing that we will bring forward legislation early next year to introduce life sentences for dangerous drivers who kill on our roads and ensure they feel the full force of the law.”

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