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Kelly Brook reveals she’s been called ‘past her best’ and ‘unsexy’ by cruel trolls

She’s been a British sex symbol and one of the nation’s favourite models for more than 20 years, so it’s perhaps of no surprise that fans have struggled with the idea of Kelly Brook ageing.

But some are sadly more vocal about their disappointment than others, with the former Page Three girl revealing cruel trolls have branded her ‘unsexy’ and ‘past her best’ because they can’t accept she no longer looks like a ‘pin-up girl in her 20s’.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the Heart Breakfast presenter explained: ‘They see me as this 40-year-old fat girl and they’re like no! I get it, it’s funny. But people grow up, people get bigger, people change, it happens.’

Kelly also reflected about her weight ‘creeping up’ while in lockdown thanks to ‘snacksidents’ and boredom – admitting she wants to remain at a ‘healthy’ size 10 or 12.

Despite receiving ‘amazing messages from women’, Kelly confessed that some of her male fans can be a little more negative about her appearance nowadays. 

‘Men are like “you’re past your best”, or “you were sexy once”, but whatever, you’re always going to get that,’ the presenter, based in Kent, said.

‘When you grow up with someone you don’t want them to get older, it’s weird. And I get it, people remember me as this pin up girl. 

‘Then they see me as this 40-year-old fat girl and they’re like no! I get it, it’s funny. But people grow up, people get bigger, people change, it happens.’

Kelly began modelling aged 16 after she won a beauty competition, which her proud mother had entered her into. 

Campaigns for the likes of Bravissimo, Foster’s and Walker’s crisps followed, as well as shoots with lads’ mags such as GQ, Loaded and FHM. 

FHM dubbed Kelly, who is currently in a long-term relationship with Italian Jeremy Parisi, the winner of their 100 Sexiest Women in the World list in 2005, which polled 15million people.

Meanwhile, Kelly, a SlimFast celebrity weight loss ambassador, also admitted to gaining weight during lockdown and said she’s previously struggled with her body image.

She said: ‘I learnt many life lessons during lockdown, like how to bake the perfect sourdough pizza and how to make the tastiest homemade ice cream!

‘Whilst it’s really important to show the world that not all beauty is a size eight – on the other hand, for me lockdown led to lots of daily ‘snacksidents’, the inevitable weight gain and not feeling so great about myself. 

‘So now I’m now ready to press my “reset” button and rediscover my leaner, happier and healthier self, thanks to SlimFast.’

Kelly added: ‘I want to be the best version of myself, so it’s important for me to maintain a certain weight and to be healthy – and not ridiculously skinny or have a body that I had when I was twenty. That’s not what I’m aiming for. For me, if I’m a good size 10-12, I’m happy.’

Joking that there seemed to be two types of people in lockdown, the fitness fanatics and the food experimenters, the model said she fell firmly in the latter category. 

‘Being stuck at home, it gets quite intense so I just found therapy in the kitchen,’ she recalled. ‘It just seemed, that if we’re all going down, I want to go down eating. 

‘I was going on my daily walks but I was just not moving as much as I usually move and I wasn’t as healthy.  

‘I bought a pizza oven, an ice cream maker, I bought a panini maker, I don’t think there’s anything left to buy, I bought everything – everything that Currys had on sale, I bought. I was bored and hungry the whole time.’

But now Kelly, who often presents a garden segment for This Morning, is ready to get back in shape and will be sharing her weight loss journey experiences in real time in a series of social media posts with SlimFast for their Summer Smasher Challenge.

She said: ‘Now we’ve come out the other side of it, it’s about focusing on being healthier and being lighter. We know that being overweight makes it much harder for our bodies to fight coronavirus. 

‘Even losing 5lbs or 1 kilo can make a real difference. It’s all about making small, positive and sustainable changes for our overall health and wellbeing.’ 

The TV celebrity, who is currently presenting Heart Breakfast with her co-host JK for the rest of August, also reflected on struggling with her body image during her 30s.

‘I was thin for so many years,’ she recalled. ‘And then all of suddenly you get over 35 and the pounds don’t drop off like they used to.’

Kelly, who dropped to a size 10/12 after creeping up to a size 16 in 2017, said: ‘I didn’t notice the weight at first and when I did, I got onboard with SlimFast and it was a revelation.’ 

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