Keith Jesperson, the ‘Happy Face Killer,’ strangled women to ‘put them out of their agony.’


Keith Jesperson, the ‘Happy Face Killer,’ strangled women to ‘put them out of their agony.’

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: In a new documentary released on Sunday, a horrible serial murderer trucker who claims to have killed over 160 people details some of his heinous atrocities. A vile serial killer trucker who strangled dozens of women to death has stated that his victims “ought to be put out of their misery.”

Keith Jesperson, a 66-year-old Canadian from British Columbia, travelled the United States in the 1990s, murdering women following a nasty breakup with his wife.

Only eight of his claims to have killed 166 people have ever been substantiated. A lot of the victims who have been ascribed to him have never been legally identified, including homeless persons and prostitutes.

Angela Subrize, a 23-year-old woman who he dragged out of the back of a moving lorry so her body could not be identified, was one of his known victims.

‘Snapped Notorious: The Happy Face Killer,’ a documentary that premiered on Sunday, featured rare footage of him confessing his crimes.

In one tape, he discusses Ms Subrize’s heinous murder and the consequences of his terrible crime on her body:

“I chained her by the ankles underneath my trailer and drove out onto the freeway with her face down on the pavement for roughly 12 miles.”

“She was gone from around her ears forward,” he said. ‘Her chest cavity was no longer there. I taped up her hands in front of her so she’d lose them first, and she lost her arms and hands as a result. For almost eight months, they were unable to locate the body.” After sending mocking letters to reporters and police enforcement that were signed with a smiley face, Jesperson became known as the ‘Happy Face Killer.’

Exclusive interviews with investigative journalist M William Phelps provide some of the video in the new documentary.

He co-wrote the documentary with Lauren Bright Pacheco and had corresponded with Jesperson for ten years prior to the special’s broadcast.

In a recent interview, Mr. Phelps stated that several of their contacts had left him “traumatized” and felt like “torture.”

“This person would talk about strangling a woman, staring in her eyes, waiting for her life to end, and he’d smile,” he added. He’d talk about it as if it were a football game he’d just witnessed.” “To sit there and have to genuinely grin and. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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