Kay Burley was chastised by a Tory minister for comparing Carrie Johnson to Lady Macbeth.


Kay Burley was chastised by a Tory minister for comparing Carrie Johnson to Lady Macbeth.

Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins scolded SKY News’ Kay Burley after she compared Carrie Johnson to “shadowy” Lady Macbeth in response to Dominic Cummings’ accusations that she exerts a lot of authority and influence in No10.

Kay Burley met with Victoria Atkins and inquired about the claims made by Dominic Cummings, a former chief adviser, that Carrie Johnson “pulls the strings” in Downing Street and influences the appointment of people to specific posts. Ms Burley inquired of Ms Atkins about Mrs Johnson’s resemblance to “Lady Macbeth” in Shakespeare’s play, who persuades her husband to carry out her own desires. Ms Atkins, on the other hand, appeared outraged by the analogy as the two debated the charges.

Ms Burley spoke with the Tory minister on Sky News about immigration and violence against women, but she also addressed the allegations leveled against Carrie Johnson.

Mr Cummings spoke with BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg on Tuesday during a special BBC interview in which the former aide recounted his time in office.

“Let’s keep with this topic of women, how powerful is Carrie Johnson?” Ms Burley remarked, looking at the interview.

“A supporting spouse, or a mysterious Lady Macbeth type, as she was pictured yesterday – ruling the country while her husband doesn’t know how to do it,” others could say.

“I think Mrs Johnson is married to the Prime Minister and she’s a person in her own right,” Ms Atkins said, vehemently disagreeing with the connection.

“I’m always a little uneasy when individuals go into too much detail, like you did just now.

“She is a professional lady in her own right, and she is married to the Prime Minister, so I believe we should simply get on with the work of being married to the Prime Minister.

Ms Burley wondered aloud if the role entailed running the country, as Mr Cummings claimed.

“No10 has been clear that some of the assertions made in yesterday night’s interview that political appointments were a matter purely for the Prime Minister are false,” Ms Atkins responded.

The minister also questioned whether people would attack Mrs Johnson in the same manner if she were a man, pointing to former Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband’s ability to dodge criticism.

Ms. Atkins stated the following. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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