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Katie Price complains she’s banned from the teacups ride at Alton Towers saying ‘it’s not nice for me’

KATIE Price was left disappointed on her trip to Alton Towers – after she wasn’t allowed on the spinning teacups.

The 42-year-old star shared her trip to the theme park in her latest YouTube video telling fans: “I can’t even go on the teacups.”

The star wound up with two broken feet after jumping off a wall at another theme park in Turkey last month and has been confined to a wheelchair and mobility scooter.

She said: “I thought I’d at least be able to go on something. I think they’re just being extra cautious because it’s me or what.

“I can’t even go on the teacups. I mean, how’s me going on a teacup a problem?

“I love Alton Towers, it’s one of my favourite places to go but it’s not like… the kids can’t go on everything now and it’s not nice for me to stare at rides I can’t go on.”

Her boyfriend Carl Woods added: “It’s an adventure flop. Sometimes you organise things and they don’t work.

“It’s a day of walking at Alton Towers. I love a good walk.”

However, she was later get let on one attraction called Marauder’s Mayhem, with Carl lifting her out of her wheelchair and carrying her in.

She told him: “Yeah I’m happy now, I’m on a ride.”

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