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Katie Holmes’ new man Emilio Vitolo ‘dumped fiancee via TEXT two days before date photos emerged,’ claims ex’s friend

KATIE Holmes’ actor beau dumped his “blindsided” fiancee via text just two days before photos emerged of the new couple on a date, a friend of his ex exclusively told The Sun.

The 41-year-old actress, who was pictured in a romantic clinch with chef and actor Emilio Vitolo in New York last week, had allegedly been working with him on a recent indie movie, sources alleged.

His live-in fiancee, designer Rachel Emmons, hadn’t spoken to him since he suddenly ended their engagement after more than 18 months, according to a pal.

A friend of the retail expert, 24, told The Sun: “Rachel and Emilio got together in February last year and were engaged after just a few months. It was a whirlwind romance but they were very much in love.

“They were planning their wedding before the pandemic, but had been having issues recently … different work schedules, and COVID made it difficult. 

“But Rachel was left blindsided when he suddenly ended their engagement via text on Tuesday, just two days before photographs emerged of him with Katie. 

“Katie and Emilio were working on an indie movie together about a month ago, and Rachel knew that.

“He’s trying to get into acting, but nobody really knew who he was until this happened. 

“Rachel found out about their dates after friends sent her articles showing them together. She thinks it’s disrespectful for it to be so public.”

The source added: “They were close while filming together, but she never saw this coming.”

The friend said Rachel has found the situation “bizarre and disappointing” after Katie and Emilio, who works at Emilio’s Ballato in NYC, were seen during an intimate evening in New York last week.

During a second date, Katie, who split from Jamie Foxx last year after a six year on/off relationship, was spotted enjoying a heavy make-out session with Emilio while sitting on his lap.

The mom-of-one, who has 14-year-old daughter Suri with ex-husband Tom Cruise, was seen kissing the 33-year-old on Sunday evening during a night out in Manhattan at the Peasant Restaurant.

They have since been spotted smooching a third time in the Big Apple.

“Emilio is very charming, he has a lot of friends and a big personality, it’s understandable Katie has fallen for him,” Rachel’s friend continued.

“But after being so private in her other relationships, it’s quite shocking to see her sitting on a guy’s lap in a restaurant. 

“Nobody really knows if Katie was aware he was with Rachel. If she did, it’s a bad example to set for her daughter. 

“Rachel feels Emilio could have been more honest and dealt with it like a gentleman and face-to-face.

“She packed up and left their home on Wednesday and hasn’t seen him at all since.”

Rachel’s Instagram is still littered with photographs of the two together, while Emilio is understood to have deleted snaps the day after ending their relationship.

“I wouldn’t say Rachel was a fan of Katie before this, she didn’t care about her or pay attention,” the friend added.

“Now, she doesn’t think she’s a bad person, but she’s unsure of her intentions. 

“It’s been a difficult time but Rachel is doing well, she’s focusing on work and herself.

“In a lot of ways she’s also glad that the wedding was postponed and feels she’s had a lucky escape.”

The Sun has contacted reps for Katie, Rachel and Emilio, who did not return calls for comment.

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