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Kath and Kim’s Magda Szubanski bombared with online abuse after COVID-19 message

Actress Magda Szubanski has hit back at online trolls after she was bombarded with abuse for urging Victorians to follow lockdown orders.

The 59-year-old made the plea during an appearance on the Victorian government sponsored campaign ‘Staying Safe is in Our Hands’.

She reprised her role as Sharon Strzelecki, from hit show Kath and Kim, and told viewers: ‘The sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will be OVAH.’

Though Ms Szubanski told Today on Monday the video has made her the target of online trolls and harsh name calling.   

‘Anecdotally, an E-security person told me it was right up there with some of the worst trolling that they had seen,’ she said.

‘Some of the personal attacks are really nasty, but I’ve been called everything from a puppet of the couplist party to the murderer of the people. 

‘Being accused of being a supporter of lockdown and thereby causing murders is pretty confronting.’

In the short video, Ms Szubanski was shown trying to play netball without a team, before she ‘subbed’ herself out of the game and delivered her powerful message. 

Addressing the camera she said: ‘I tell you what I am so OVAH this lockdown, playing netball against yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you still can’t even win.

‘But it’s not the lockdown that’s the enemy, it’s this virus. The sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will be OVAH.’  

The video is part of the wider Victorian government campaign, ‘Staying Safe is in Our Hands’ campaign.

The Project host Waleed Aly, AFLW star Tayla Harris, and comedians Shane Jacobson and Nazeem Hussain also make appearances. 

The campaign has been blasted as ‘condescending’ and ‘lame’ with both the actors and state premier Daniel Andrews in the firing line.

‘According to the media release starring some of our ‘most beloved Victorians’ Did I miss something. Since when did Waleed Aly fall into that category,’ one tweeted. 

Brighton MP James Newbury defended the actors and took a swipe at the premier.

‘DAN, NOT MAGDA. How angry are Victorians? They have turned on much loved ‘Sharon Strzelecki’. Magda read a script – with good intentions,’ ‘@DanielAndrewsMP wrote the condescending script telling us we aren’t ‘obeying the rules’. I’m angry. Angry at Dan.’ 

Ms Szubanski defended the campaign and said the message applied to Victorians who were breaking lockdown as well as COVID-19 deniers.

‘My mate next-door, his father died of COVID, for those of you who don’t believe it, his father did die, and so that’s horrible,’ she said.

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