Kate’s subtly following in the footsteps of another Queen in preparing for a future role.


The subtle way Kate is following in the footsteps of another Queen in preparing for a future role.

On Sunday, KATE MIDDLETON turned 40, and to commemorate the occasion, royal fans were treated to a series of new portraits.

However, one of the new duchess’s photos bears an uncanny resemblance to a once-famous royal ancestor of her husband, Prince William.

The Duchess of Cambridge posed for fashion photographer Paolo Roversi in a white Grecian Alexander McQueen gown, sitting in profile and looking into the distance, her engagement ring prominently on display.

A photograph of Queen Alexandra looks strikingly similar to the striking portrait.

Queen Alexandra, the Queen’s great grandmother, was Queen in waiting for decades and was one of the most popular royals during the reigns of her husband, King Edward VII, and her mother-in-law, Queen Victoria.

There are several uncanny resemblances to an official photograph of the former Queen, from the traditional three-quarter view to the off-shoulder dress with bows – but the resemblance between the two leading royals goes much further than meets the eye.

King Edward VII, who reigned from January 1901 to May 1910, had Queen Alexandra as his consort.

In 1863, shortly after Prince Albert’s death in 1861, she married Queen Victoria’s eldest son.

Following the death of her beloved husband, Queen Victoria began to withdraw from public life, much like Queen Elizabeth II has reduced her work schedule following the death of Prince Philip in April 2021, though to a lesser extent than Victoria.

With Meghan Markle’s departure and opinions on the Duchess of Cornwall still divided, it’s clear that Kate is preparing to take over as the Royal Family’s leading female face.

Queen Alexandra was the longest-serving Princess of Wales in history during the nearly 40 years she was married to her husband before he became King, a title Kate will eventually inherit.

During this time, she was dubbed “Queen in Waiting” by the press, a term that is now more widely applied to the Duchess of Cambridge, and she shared Kate’s enduring popularity among royal fans.

Both have been credited with having a hugely positive impact on the monarchy, with the duchess’s work on mental health and early childhood development receiving special praise.

The parallels do not end there, however.

The Duchess of Cambridge is an accomplished photographer, and she.

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