Kate steals the show from Camilla once more, as the future Queen dazzles in her latest appearance.


Kate steals the show from Camilla once more, as the future Queen dazzles in her latest appearance.

On Tuesday, at the London premiere of the latest James Bond thriller, ‘No Time to Die,’ Kate Middleton shocked spectators.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, appeared with her husband, Prince William, 39, Prince Charles, 72, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, in a stunning gold Jenny Packham gown. As she walked the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall, Kate’s attire made heads turn and even earned her a remark from Bond actor Daniel Craig, who said she looked “jolly gorgeous.” The Duchess of Cambridge’s stunning gown drew a barrage of plaudits on Twitter, however Camilla’s gown did not garner the same degree of praise.

“Can I just say that the four of you looked beautiful tonight but the Duchess of Cambridge was/is absolutely stunning,” one admirer with the screen handle InterestedObserver said in response to Kate’s gown.

Jane Harding, a user who goes by the name of Jane, gushed: “Catherine has a stunning appearance! Plus, playing tennis with Emma the other day revealed that she is a million miles away from the LA celebrity set—aren’t we lucky?” “The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning tonight,” added a third, @Cherylsmilesx, with a heart emoji.

While Camilla’s gown earned far less praise than Charles and William’s, it was nevertheless well-liked.

Camilla is married to the heir apparent and will be the next consort of the United Kingdom when Charles becomes King.

Since her marriage to Prince Charles in 2005, however, there has been much controversy about which title she will accept.

While royal wives are historically referred to as Queen Consorts, Camilla is anticipated to adopt the title of Princess Consort in honor of Princess Diana.

When William becomes king, Kate will automatically become Queen Consort, and the Cambridges’ youthfulness and laid-back demeanor mean they frequently outshine Charles and Camilla.

Kate’s stunning gown, which had a sweeping cape, took center stage at yesterday night’s celebration, overshadowing Camilla, Charles, and William.

In keeping with the Bond theme of the occasion, Princes William and Charles wore stylish tuxedos, while Camilla went down the red carpet dressed in blue.

In a velvet jacket with satin lapels, Prince William looked dapper.

This was the first public appearance by Prince William, Kate, Prince Charles, and Camilla since Prince Philip’s burial in April, and it had a decidedly different tone.

The royals came on board. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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