Kate Middleton’s royal preferences were exposed when a nickname for Prince George was not permitted.


Kate Middleton’s royal preferences were exposed when a nickname for Prince George was not permitted.

KATE MIDDLETON, Prince William’s nanny, has the enormous task of caring for three royal children and is required to follow certain regulations when doing so.

Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three, are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children.

When the two royal parents are away, Maria Borrallo, a graduate of Bath’s famous Norland College, looks after the three children.

According to Norland expert Louise Heren, nannies are instructed to avoid using the word “kids” on the job while attending the famous institution.

This implies that the royal nanny must always address George, Charlotte, and Louis by their given names rather than as a group.

Instead, nannies are instructed to use the children’s names at all times, according to the author of Nanny in a Book.

She told the Mirror, “The word kid is outlawed.”

“It’s a sign of individual regard for the kids.”

Since its founding in 1892, Norland College has taught over 10,000 nannies who have gone on to work for high-profile families.

According to Ms Heren, the Cambridge children have a “no nonsense” upbringing.

Every few days, the young royals are introduced to new foods and given a bedtime of 7 p.m.

According to Heren, the children’s recreation takes place outside regardless of the weather.

“There will be a lot of outside play,” Heren told Fabulous Digital, “and that’s one thing you could say Norland is old-fashioned about.”

“There’s a lot of fresh air here.” Lots of bike rides, playing with their pets, and possibly some gardening are on the horizon.

“Norland is a big believer in teaching kids via play.

“Yes, you’re getting your hands dirty in the dirt, but you’re learning how to plant.”

“Even if it’s pouring outside, they’ll go out.” Wet weather necessitates the use of appropriate apparel; you must dress appropriately.

“It isn’t necessary to be strict. Just because the Norland Nannies wear a brown uniform and appear to be fairly old-fashioned, doesn’t imply their message is. It’s not a joke.”


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