Kate Middleton’s back-to-school strategy for George and Charlotte.


Kate Middleton’s back-to-school strategy for George and Charlotte.

THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS are almost over, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, like any other parent, will be preparing to send her three children back to school. What are the Cambridge University’s back-to-school plans?

Parents throughout the country will breathe a sigh of relief in a few weeks when they can finally send their children back to school. When Prince George and Princess Charlotte return to school in September after a fun-filled summer, they will be in years four and two, respectively. Prince Louis, their younger brother, will begin his second year at nursery school.

The Cambridges have been enjoying their summer vacation to the fullest.

This year, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3, have been spending their holidays in the United Kingdom.

With their parents, the royal trio is reported to have enjoyed a trip to the Isles of Scilly.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is recognized for her “hands-on” parenting style, despite her constant royal duties.

“Because of who they are, William and Kate have had to be incredibly organized parents,” a royal source close to the Royal Family told OK! magazine.

“However, as parents, Wills and Kate have mastered the art of appearing as spontaneous as possible, which is how the kids perceive it.”

Kate also ensures that her children are well-behaved, according to the source.

“Table manners, thank you letters, and such courtesies are instilled into the children so that they become automatic,” they claimed.

“If George has been misbehaving, which he has on occasion, Kate and William are excellent at explaining the rights and wrongs of what has occurred.”

This September, Prince William and Kate will have to ensure that their rapidly growing children are dressed appropriately with new uniforms.

“George has grown quite a bit over the summer, so a new order will probably go into Perry’s, the Knightsbridge school outfitters, for some larger goods since he’s gone up a size,” the royal insider claimed.

Charlotte and George are both students at Thomas’s Battersea, a prestigious London primary school.

For children aged four to seven, Thomas’s Battersea costs over £7,000 every term.

Every student at their school is required to wear the school’s sophisticated navy and crimson uniform.

Kate is far from separating herself from the other students. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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